Bactine Max Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel, Faster Healing, Reduces Appearance of Scars and First Aid… Price: 9.99 (as of 26/11/2022 01:28 PST- Details)

Speeds Wound Healing: Hydrogel technology helps create optimal healing conditions and wound care for cuts, scrapes and burns on the skin. When you need first aid solutions to keep up with your busy life, Bactine’s got you covered.
Reduces Appearance Of Scars: Our Hydrogel technology decreases the likelihood of scars and speeds along healing so that you don’t miss a beat.
Invisible Moisture Barrier: Bactine MAX Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel utilizes an invisible moisture barrier to cushion your wound and protect against germs that cause skin infections.

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