MediTac Rucksack Assault Trauma Tactical Kit Feat. CAT Tourniquet, Chest Seals, LifeStraw, Clotting Gauze – Red Price: 249.95 (as of 25/09/2022 07:59 PST- Details)

FULLY STOCKED – Contains all the necessary and important items needed for many assault trauma injury situations. Included in this kit are assorted trauma dressings and pads, traumatic bleeding control products, CPR equipment, PPE items, bandages and splints, a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope set and more, all in a durable rucksack designed for stability, strength and comfort.
DURABLE YET COMFORTABLE RUCKSACK – We designed our 18″x10″x11″ bag to not only be tough but comfortable as well. The backpack is made with reinforced double-stitched nylon seaming for long-lasting durability. The padded shoulder straps and lumbar area prevent discomfort and pain that can be caused by prolonged use. The hip belt with sturdy buckle keep the rucksack stable and secure while also helping to support the weight of the backpack.
BLEEDING CONTROL – This kit includes the items needed to stem heavy blood loss. A CAT tourniquet, Celox granules, vented chest seals, quick clotting gauze, and EverStop blood stopper bandage.

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