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6 Underrated European Cities For An Affordable Getaway This Summer 

Share The Article Last Updated 1 second ago When it comes to affordable vacations, Europe might not be the first place to spring to mind. Yes, many destinations in Europe are expensive, and with rising costs for nearly all aspects of travel these days, they appear to be growing increasingly so.  The good news is […]

5 Affordable Places You Can Fly Right Now According To Priceline

Share The Article Last Updated 13 hours ago According to AAA, the average cost of an international flight is up more than 30% this year compared to the same time in 2022. As a result, travelers are scrambling for cheaper destinations offering cheaper flights. Luckily, Priceline has done the hard work for us. American travelers […]

5 International Destinations That Are Still Affordable In 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago International travel is on the rise in 2023, and so are prices. According to recent data from AAA, international travel is up more than 200% so far this year compared to 2022. Additionally, international airfare is up more than 30% compared to last year. Travelers who are […]

Top 5 Affordable Destinations In France To Visit Instead Of Paris

Share The Article Last Updated 9 hours ago Paris is a bucket list destination for many travelers, but between exorbitant prices, high crowds, and recent strikes and civil unrest across the city, it may not be the best place to go right now. Luckily, there’s much more to see in France than just Paris. A […]

10 Spring Break Destinations With Affordable Flights And Hotels

Share The Article With spring break on the horizon, here are 10 of the best destinations in the United States and abroad that have affordable flights and hotels. Spring break is a week-long break that most schools and universities in the United States observe. It typically occurs in March and April, making these two months […]

6 Affordable European Countries Where Travelers Can Stay Long Term

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago These European countries allow American travelers to stay long-term without applying for a visa or residency. Perfect for long-term travelers and digital nomads, these destinations are a great place to base yourself in Europe – not to mention they’re all extremely affordable! Excluded from this list are […]

The Top 8 Most Affordable Destinations For 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago It’s a fact the travel industry is now geared toward big spenders. After three years of closure, some of the hardest-hit countries want to cash in as much as possible by openly discouraging budget travelers from visiting, but there are eight in particular that have remained faithful […]

The Top 5 Most Affordable Digital Nomad Destinations In The U.S.

Share The Article Last Updated 29 mins ago Acknowledging long-term solo travel as one of 2022’s leading trends, the famous home rental and booking platform AirBnB has unveiled the top 5 most affordable digital nomad destinations in the U.S. this year. Understandably, major cities like New York, Los Angeles and the luxurious Vegas did not […]

These Are The Top 5 Most Affordable U.S. Airports For Domestic Flights

Share The Article Last Updated 3 mins ago In the last year, the consumer price index for airline tickets has shot up by 25% — the largest jump since the Federal Reserve of St. Louis began tracking the index in 1989. In April alone, airfares spiked by 18.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. […]

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