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This Small Beach Destination Near Cancun Is Exploding In Popularity Right Now

Share The Article Last Updated 1 second ago The Mexican Caribbean is the go-to spot for Americans traveling abroad. With its turquoise waters, charming coastal settlements, and wellness scene, there is truly no better place for sunseekers to be, but if Cancun no longer appeals to you, then vacationing in a smaller beach destination away […]

4 Beautiful European Beach Destinations To Avoid The Summer Crowds

Share The Article Now that Europe has dropped all travel restrictions and tourists are back en masse, you may be wondering which European countries are your best bet for a crowd-free, relaxing summer vacation. Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia and the like are simply riddled with Instagrammable spots, and while there is nothing we love more […]

Avoid The Beach Towns And Visit These Historic Towns This Memorial Day 

Share The Article The start of summer is right around the corner, and for many, the next holiday they have free from work is Memorial Day. It’s no wonder that almost 40 million Americans travel during Memorial Day weekend, many favoring a road trip over air travel, and most of them staying within a 50-mile […]

This Beach Has Been Voted One Of The Most Beautiful In The Mexican Caribbean

Share The Article It’s not hard to see why the Mexican Caribbean is one of the world’s top-selling vacation packages worldwide: from Cancun to Chetumal, it boasts a stunning coastline bounded by the most translucent of waters, bestrewn with ancient Mayan sites and luxurious resorts. Due to the area’s popularity, however, beaches can get a […]

Top 5 Cheapest And Highly Rated All Inclusive Beach Resorts

Share The Article Last Updated 15 mins ago One of the best ways to truly enjoy, relax and unwind during vacations is to stay at an all-inclusive resort. Being in a place where you don’t have to think about cooking, cleaning, or organizing schedules and activities makes a huge difference in a travel experience. And […]

Top 6 U.S. Beach Destinations For Memorial Day Weekend

Share The Article Memorial Day is coming up faster than you think, and booking your beach vacation should be your top priority if you plan to beat the crowds. Memorial Day is meant to mourn our fallen soldiers who have fought for our freedom with their bravery and lives. It’s a time to reflect on […]

Why Digital Nomads Are Calling This Small Mexican Beach Town Home

Share The Article Mexico, in general, is becoming extremely popular amongst expats and digital nomads.  Its mild weather, affordability, and diverse natural beauty make it ideal for a laid-back and easygoing lifestyle.  In recent years, Mexico City has become a major hub for digital nomads, and Tulum has been attracting beachgoing crowds for a while.  […]

Why These Less-Traveled Caribbean Islands Should Be Your Next Beach Vacation Destination

Share The Article While many travelers stick to the mainland when visiting Puerto Rico, there are actually over 100 islands, islets, and cays that are part of this beautiful archipelago.  Many are uninhabited and completely overlooked by the typical tourist.  The islands of Culebra and Vieques aren’t entirely isolated – in fact, they are very […]

6 Underrated European Beach Destinations To Visit This Summer

Share The Article Last Updated 7 hours ago Looking for the most underrated European beach destinations to visit this summer? Here are some of the best hidden gems that Europe has to offer! Beach destinations from the Greek Islands to the Amalfi Coast of Italy to the South of France are extremely popular every summer. […]

These 6 U.S. Beach Destinations Are The Most Searched For Vacations This Summer

Share The Article Last Updated 12 mins ago It’s no surprise that everyone wants to flock to the water when temperatures start to soar, and this summer is no different. If you’re wondering what the trending beach destinations are for 2023, HomeToGo, a marketplace for vacation rentals, reviewed its data and has identified 6 beach […]

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