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I Visited Sarajevo For 4 Days And Was Shocked By What I Experienced

Share The Article Last Updated 5 hours ago Welcome To Sarajevo, The Melting-Pot Of Europe   The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is a city with a troubled past but a very bright future. This small Balkan capital is full of history, colorful locals, amazing food, and endless cobblestone alleys to explore. Recently named […]

The Cheapest Days To Travel By Train And Bus In The U.S. Over The Holidays

Share The Article Last Updated 53 mins ago Traveling to gather with the family for the holidays can be stressful and pricey in the United States, especially near Christmas and new year’s eve. For those planning to travel by train or bus, a recent study revealed the best dates to travel in the upcoming days.  […]

Tourists Arriving In Cancun Will Automatically Get 180 Days In Mexico

Share The Article Last Updated 41 mins ago Unpredictable Stay Lengths Will Disappear As Pilot Program Is Tested In Cancun Tourists arriving in Cancun will now automatically receive 180 days to stay in Mexico, after a frustrating piece of paperwork was removed from the immigration process. The news will be a breath of fresh air […]

These Are The Best Days Of The Week To Fly To Avoid Flight Disruptions

Share The Article Last Updated 11 mins ago Traveling this summer has been overrun with a whirlwind of flight delays and cancellations worldwide. Much of the chaos was brought on by overwhelming travel demand in the face of staffing shortages. Airlines have had to make do with the staff that they have, which often leads […]

Uber Will Allow Travelers To Book An Airport Ride 30 Days In Advance Amid Summer Travel Chaos

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago Whether it’s domestic or international, travel has underwent significant changes, even some permanent ones. Covid may no longer be a huge concern at a majority of destinations worldwide, but its impact is still being felt across different sectors of the industry, where staff shortages are contributing to […]

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