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France Ends All Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Share The Article Last Updated 4 mins ago Beginning today, August 1st 2022, France has officially ended all Covid restrictions for international travelers. As the country reopens completely, travelers will no longer need to test before arrival. Travelers will also not need to present proof of recovery from Covid-19 and will not require proof that […]

American Travelers Will Have Fast Track Entry When Visiting France This Summer

Share The Article Last Updated 55 mins ago Traveling abroad for summer 2022 will be much more challenging than initially expected, as countries struggle to keep up with a rising travel demand and staff shortages. Still, some destinations are better prepared than others, and are even simplifying entry for foreigners. This is the case with […]

Travelers May Need Proof of €100 Spending Money Per Day In Spain And France

Share The Article Last Updated 8 hours ago If travelers wish to visit the European Union and have a non-EU passport, there can be some obstacles. Getting the Schengen Visa—depending on where you come from—can be a challenging process, but there are additional steps any foreigner may need to take before traveling. Unknown to many, […]

Many Flights Under 2 Hours Now Banned In France. Which EU Countries Are Next?

Share The Article Last Updated 7 hours ago France has become the first country in Europe to ban domestic flights under two hours within the country. This new rule, coming into effect in April 2022, will affect any routes under two and a half hours that have another form of transportation connecting them. For example, […]

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