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Tulum Losing Popularity Due To Ridiculously High Prices – Here’s Where Tourists Are Going Instead

Share The Article Last Updated 1 hour ago In a surprising turn of events, Tulum is losing its prestige as one of America’s favorite destinations due to ridiculously high prices. Amid reports of inflated taxi fares, already pricier than Manhattan’s, and unsustainable tourism development, vacationers have started to look for alternatives in Mexico where they’ll […]

Cancun Authorities Warn Tourists Of New Fake Uber Scam That Could Put Them In Danger

Share The Article Last Updated 60 mins ago It seems Cancun’s never-ending war on scammers is intensifying once more after reports of fake Uber drivers targeting tourists in central areas started circulating. Now, authorities are urging them to be cautious when booking rides through the popular app, as they could be extorted, or even put […]

Tourists Are Still Flocking To Hawaii Despite Soaring Prices – Here’s Why It’s More Popular Than Ever

Share The Article Last Updated 44 mins ago The cost of travel has increased exponentially this year, influenced by the economic crisis and the pent-up demand resulting from two years of pandemic management. Interestingly, several destinations continued reporting record revenues: one of them is Hawaii, a place tourists continue flocking into despite soaring prices. Hawaii’s […]

Random Testing On Arrival In Canada Could Force Tourists To Quarantine

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago Although a majority of the Western World has dropped all of their entry requirements already, tourists visiting Canada still risk being sent to quarantine when randomly selected for testing on-arrival and given a positive Covid result – even if no longer infectious. Whether you’re vaccinated or recovered, […]

Tourists Arriving In Cancun Will Automatically Get 180 Days In Mexico

Share The Article Last Updated 41 mins ago Unpredictable Stay Lengths Will Disappear As Pilot Program Is Tested In Cancun Tourists arriving in Cancun will now automatically receive 180 days to stay in Mexico, after a frustrating piece of paperwork was removed from the immigration process. The news will be a breath of fresh air […]

Los Cabos Becoming The New Cancun As Popularity With Americans Tourists Soars

Share The Article Last Updated 23 mins ago Ever since it opened up for tourism following Covid, being one of the first in the Western Hemisphere to do so, Mexico has been smashing arrival records. Its numerous beach hotspots are now some of the world’s most sought after vacations, and while Cancun has seen a […]

These European Hotspots Are Limiting Tourists Due to Overtourism

Share The Article Last Updated 3 mins ago Tourism and travel have made an astonishing return over the past few months. Crippled to it’s core by a global pandemic, tourism around the world grinded to a complete halt for 2 years. Now with an overwhelming amount of tourists visiting European hotspots, countries are taking steps […]

These Are The The Top 3 Destinations In Mexico For American Tourists This Summer

Share The Article Last Updated 5 mins ago It seems Mexico’s friendly attitude to tourists throughout Covid will not be forgotten anytime soon. Even though other countries are open for travel again, it’s the freedom-loving Mayan heartland, where tourism has been allowed without interruptions throughout the whole pandemic, that continues to attract a record number […]

These Are The Top 5 Countries Most Eager To Welcome Tourists Back After Covid

Share The Article Last Updated 10 mins ago Spoiler… 3 of them are in the Caribbean. International travel has been severely affected by the Covid pandemic. While travelers could roam the world freely before the virus emerged, the last two years have been a succession of travel bans, complex entry requirements and strict testing regimes […]

U.S. To Increase ESTA Fee For Incoming Tourists

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago U.S. Issues First ESTA Price Increase Since 2015 The United States is increasing the cost of the ESTA waiver visa for incoming tourists. There have been rumors of a price increase for several months, but the final rule is effective from May 20, 2022.  The ESTA is […]

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