7 Reasons Why This Is One Of The Most Visited States In America

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It’s no secret Florida is a top destination home to some of the nicest beaches in the country. A study conducted this summer by the University of Florida took a deep dive into why people continue to visit.

In 2022, Florida broke tourism records bringing in over a whopping 137 million visitors, which broke the record by 5% of pre-pandemic numbers.

family walking to beach

It’s not only Americans who love making Florida their destination of choice; the Sunshine State is a global hotspot for travelers.

Here are 7 reasons why Florida is one of the most visited states in America:

Family Fun

Travelers love bringing the whole crew to Florida. There are so many fun things to do with the kiddos in tow.

Florida takes the cake as one of the top destinations for families to feel safe, have fun and keep the whole family entertained during their stay.

kids at Florida beach

Family getaways usually consist of a sun-soaked day at the beach and maybe a stay at one of Florida’s many nice hotels or waterfront resorts.

Of course, the main place to top the list for a family vacay is the most popular theme park in the country…

The Magic Of Disney World

Disney World, at face value, seems like the ultimate childhood dream to visit. And that is true. However, this ultra-fun theme park brings out the inner child in all of us.

The grownups have just as much fun exploring the vastness of one of Florida’s top attractions. People of all age groups love coming here to get lost in the magic of Disney.

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Disney characters at Disney world

In fact, many of the tourists come from California, which speaks volumes since the Golden State is home to Disney Land.

Disney World is just that much better. A place to spend days full of fun and forget your worries at home, wherever that may be.

Florida’s Top 2 Cities

Residents and visitors agree that Florida’s top 2 cities are Orlando and Miami. While Orlando’s biggest attraction is, of course, Disney World, that’s not all the popular city has to offer.

Miami, on the other hand, is a gorgeous cultural hub full of fun for all ages. With premier shopping, trendy restaurants and nightlife, along with awesome beaches, this city is for every type of traveler.

downtown Orlando

If travelers want to knock out both cities on the same trip, one of the fastest trains in the country will now take you there!

Some Of The Best Beaches In The Nation

Even though the sargassum invasion put a damper on some beachgoers’ vacation plans, Florida is forever home to some truly stunning beaches.

From Destin all the way to Key West, travelers will find the perfect beach they are seeking for a sun-soaked spot to relax and escape.

Respondents to the survey claim family time, relaxation, and stress relief are some of the top factors for choosing Florida. What better way to check off all 3 than a gorgeous beach?

beautiful beach in key west Florida

Cultural And Historical Attractions

While many may just look at Florida as a beach escape or the home to Disney World, they might be missing out on more.

Florida offers some very cultural and historical places to visit. Take the lovely town of St. Augustine, for example.

Its claim to fame is being the oldest city in the United States. A wonderful place to add to your Florida itinerary for its unique history, not to mention its nice, tranquil beaches.

Other major cities in the state are quite cultural too and offer a plethora of interesting museums to visit, especially Miami.

town square in st. Augustine Florida

Escaping The Bitter Cold Of Winter

Florida is a hotspot for travel from all over the world. Although Disney World and the awesome beaches are a huge draw, the year-round warm climate brings in tourists from all over the globe.

Whether it’s escaping the bitter cold of Canada or even Europe, Florida is an easily accessible escape given its numerous flight options, geography, and amazing weather.

Travelers can come any time of year to spend time all over the state in the sunshine. Study results show a majority of tourists come from 3 states that experience brutal winters:

clearwater beach, Florida

Word Of Mouth

Word travels fast in the age of social media, which influences vacationers looking to book a trip on where to go.

This study showed social media was a big reason why Florida was chosen for their vacation, with glowing reviews of positive, fun experiences being shared.

Others were influenced by television ads and other travel articles promoting the state as a top destination, even convincing Floridians to see more of their own state.

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