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​​Experts From The New York Times Say These Are The Top Travel Experiences

Share The Article Last Updated 32 seconds ago The world has so many experiences to offer all kinds of travelers that sometimes it is hard to choose. There are places, things, and activities you didn’t even know existed. Luckily for ambitious travelers searching for new challenges or life-changing moments, there’s a new exciting list with […]

Carnival 2023: Top Cities Worldwide To Experience The Celebration

Share The Article Last Updated 5 mins ago Each winter, cities around the world come alive with unique and festive Carnival celebrations. Carnival is the celebration that occurs before Lent, the 40-day period prior to Easter, when it is customary for many Christians to fast. Carnival is celebrated in over 50 countries, each with its […]

Tourist Gets Scolded After Climbing Pyramid In Mexico – What Are The Rules For Visiting An Ancient Site?

Share The Article Last Updated 6 hours ago Earlier this week, a tourist was scolded and physically attacked by an angry crowd after climbing the historical pyramid of Chichen Itza in Mexico. After the incident went viral on TikTok, numerous users began wondering why her behavior was so strongly reprimanded and, most importantly: what exactly […]

Another Italian Town Is Offering Money To Move There, But What’s The Catch?

Share The Article Last Updated 2 mins ago We’ve all read the headlines – “Beautiful town in Italy is paying people to move there” and “Houses in this Italian village are selling for $1.” But what is behind these seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers?  Are they real, and if so, why do these amazing deals pop up […]

Should Americans Be Concerned About U.S. Travel Alerts For Mexico?

Share The Article Last Updated 1 hour ago The U.S. Department of State is currently recommending against travel to six states in Mexico, giving them a Level Four – Do Not Travel travel advisory. Seven additional states in Mexico have been given a Level Three – Reconsider Travel warning. These travel advisories may give Americans […]

Cancun Authorities Warn Tourists Of New Fake Uber Scam That Could Put Them In Danger

Share The Article Last Updated 60 mins ago It seems Cancun’s never-ending war on scammers is intensifying once more after reports of fake Uber drivers targeting tourists in central areas started circulating. Now, authorities are urging them to be cautious when booking rides through the popular app, as they could be extorted, or even put […]

More Americans Are Applying For EU Passports, Are You Eligible For One?

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago There are many reasons why people seek citizenship and passports from other countries – be it political preferences, financial opportunities, to evade travel restrictions, or just to have more flexibility for tourism and work. Citizenship to an EU country is particularly valuable because it allows the freedom […]

These Are The Top Digital Nomad Visas For 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago Only a couple of years ago, the number of countries offering Digital Nomad Visas (DNVs) could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Now that governments are warming up to the idea and realizing nomads help boost their economic recovery, the once-limited list is already 45 […]

Cancun Has The Highest Number Of Clean Beaches In Mexico Despite Overtourism

Share The Article Last Updated 1 hour ago Cancun is a highly sought-after international destination that sees millions upon millions of tourists arriving all-year round. Its massive popularity would lead you to think the quality of local beaches is decreasing dramatically – after all, more tourists generally result in more waste and, subsequently, beach pollution. […]

What Do You Actually Get With A 5-Star Hotel?

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago What’s The Real Meaning Of Hotel Star Ratings? The term 5-star hotel conjures up images of luxury: a magnificent lobby, bellhops and a concierge ready to assist you, room service and white fluffy bathrobes in your hotel room, and fancy amenities like a spa and gym. But […]

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