Cancun Traffic Gets So Chaotic Travelers Forced To Walk To Airport


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Massive traffic jams due to road work on the way to Cancun International Airport have forced travelers to get out of their vehicles, drag their bags, and run to make it on time to their flights since Wednesday, the 21st.

Local authorities made the decision to remodel the roads on Luis Donaldo Colosio and Kukulkan Boulevards, in the hotel zone of Cancun, in order to keep the popular destination’s infrastructure up to date with its growing popularity.

However, the Cancun Airport recently crushed a record of 719 flights, and hotels were all but sold out, meaning there were thousands of travelers all trying to get to the airport in the midst of this massive construction project.

Travelers in long lines at cancun international airport

Because of the road construction, the route to the airport had heavy traffic congestion that affected around 10,000 passengers. According to the information shared by the Mexican news site El Financiero, many travelers didn’t make it in time and lost their flights, and nearly 40 flights had delays. 

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Through social media, users shared shocking videos of tourists—including families with babies and strollers— pushing their bags and moving faster than all the vehicles stuck in long lines of up to three hours long while heading to the airport. 

“It took us 4 hours to go three miles,” wrote a user who shared a video of the experience on Tiktok. Another user commented: “It was horrible. I was dressed to land in Houston in 35-degree weather. I walked 3 miles with my 50 lb suitcase, carry-on, and giant purse.”

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Fortunately, the Benito Juárez major, Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña, announced late on Thursday night that new updates and measures have been taken to solve the traffic chaos

Mexican Government Taking Measures

As reported by The Cancun Sun, the Mexican government has already deployed 62 police officers in the area to control traffic and prevent bottlenecks.


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“Thanks to the cooperation between federal, state, and municipal authorities, we have managed to normalize fluid vehicular traffic on Blvd Colosio, which allowed the arrival and departure of tourists from the Cancun International Airport without setbacks,” said major Peralta on Twitter.

The road work that caused the chaotic traffic experience this week was part of a new project to optimize traffic flow and expand roads, but the result was catastrophic for tourists, especially during peak hours. The new measures will allow the construction to continue but also includes new road alternatives from Cancun to the international airport to create a better traffic flow. 

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Even though it is not the first time that Cancun’s traffic congestion has made it to the news, hopefully, this new strategy will solve the problem, and travelers can go back to a normal travel experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

When Travelers Should Leave Their Hotel

Travelers visiting Cancun right now or in the following days should be extra cautious. Cancun International airport is more crowded than ever, the traffic jam has been a nightmare, and now many flights connecting to the United States and Canada have been canceled due to bad weather in the north. 

Hotels and resort transport operators are reporting that travelers need to leave 5 hours before their flights in order to make sure they make it to the airport in time. Travelers are advised to leave as early as possible to make sure the traffic situation doesn’t hinder their chances of making it home.


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Even though the entry process at Cancun airport has been simplified and significantly optimized this year, these unexpected events have added stress and angst for travelers who don’t want to miss their flights. Airlines have also tried to provide solutions and alternatives for passengers.

Now that the new measures have been implemented, during the following days, the travel experience should improve. However, it’s wise to take precautions like heading very early to the airport, even if it means saying goodbye to the pristine Caribbean waters sooner than expected. Other travelers have also recommended taking morning flights to avoid peak traffic hours.

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Those visiting Cancun must bear in mind that this is one of the trendiest destinations this winter, and crowds are expected. Many travelers —especially from the United States and Canada— have been flocking to the Mexican Caribbean to escape the cold weather and snow storms, and more airlines are offering direct routes to this beautiful destination to satisfy that demand.

As a result, the Mexican government is improving infrastructure, routes to the airport, and transportation systems to maintain the rising tide of Cancun’s popularity. Until such work is completed, travelers should be aware that leaving several hours in advance is a necessary precaution.

Passengers Pictured Outside The Cancun Airport International Terminal, Cancun, Mexico

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