Saudi Arabia To Launch New City Bigger Than New York Starting Next Year


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Saudi Arabia has taken on a huge project that should have travelers excited for many years to come. A new ‘smart city’ projected to be 33 times bigger than New York City is being constructed on barren land in the Arabian desert. With high hopes of challenging the status quo, the city, backed by a $500 billion investment, has bold dreams to change Saudi Arabia’s image of being stuck in its ways to building a future of global tourism, sustainability, and innovation.

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Welcome To Neom

The new city of Neom will be divided into 4 regions, each with its own truly unique flair:

  • Sindalah – a massive luxurious island on the Red Sea for golfers, yachters, and water sports enthusiasts
  • The Line – a futuristic linear urban sprawl powered by 100% renewable energy and engineering mastery
  • Trojena – a year-round mountainous destination for thrill seekers to enjoy the outdoors
  • Octagon – a business district set to be the largest floating structure on the planet, supporting entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art technology and streamlining innovation
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Sindalah Is Set To Open In 2024

Sindalah is the first region set to open in 2024. It will be the first tangible showcase that Neom has to offer. According to Neom’s official website, the goal for Sindalah is to “take high-end tourism to new levels.

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This region in and of itself has been a huge undertaking. Spread out over 840,000 square meters along the Red Sea; there will be no shortage of attractions. If this is only a sample size, imagine what the whole city will be like once it’s complete!


Saudi Arabia is no stranger to golf, given the recent controversy of their new professional league, LIV. On the island of Sindalah, there is no controversy. Golf will reign supreme.

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The pristine, environmentally certified course will offer spectacular views of the Red Sea from all angles. Providing two separate 9-hole experiences for golfers, the course is immaculate at every green. They even offer new technology to track golf balls and provide statistical feedback in real-time for this par 70 course.


Vacationers won’t want to miss out on the world-class hospitality provided on the island. To enjoy a true sense of a new age island life, there are dozens of options to wine and dine.

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Despite the government of Saudi Arabia being hard-nosed in the past, alcohol will be served on the island. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are plans to offer a wine shop and bar, a cocktail bar, as well as champagne and dessert at one of the island’s resorts.

Guests will have over 400 hotel rooms to choose from, as well as over 300 serviced apartments. There are multiple restaurants to choose from, and those looking for a more romantic atmosphere can book a private dinner on a yacht.

Water Activities

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Sindalah claims to be home to a “perfect climate”, so it would only be natural for tourists to take advantage by enjoying the beautiful blue waters. Aside from the gorgeous beaches, there will be an assortment of activities available to those interested.

  • Kitesurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
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The developers of Sindalah claim to have taken a responsible, eco-friendly approach to creating this diverse destination. The sea is home to colorful coral reefs and a variety of different species for outdoor adventurers to enjoy, such as:

  • Whale sharks
  • Dugongs
  • Sea turtles
  • Manna rays
  • Dolphins
  • Various reef fish


Sindalah will become a yachting paradise given its geographical location and 86 berths at its luxurious marina. This island is located only 17 hours by boat from many European hotspots, such as Monaco, Barcelona, and multiple islands in Greece. 

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An upscale yacht club designed by world-renowned architects is a convenient stop for guests in the yachting community to mingle and unwind together. There will be social events scheduled throughout the year and Instagram-worthy culinary options. 

The objective for Sindalah is to become a global tourism hub for luxury yachters to enjoy the finer things in life above the water.

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