The Top 5 Easiest Digital Nomad Visas To Get In 2023


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What are the easiest digital nomad visas to get in 2023?

While many countries have been introducing digital nomad visas lately, some of them are more attainable than others.

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For example, the Cayman Islands launched the Global Citizen Concierge Program in 2020, but applicants for this digital nomad visa must be able to demonstrate an income of at least $100,000 per year.

The following countries offer digital nomad visas with less stringent requirements, making them more accessible to remote workers and self-employed nomads looking to live and work abroad in 2023:

Visa application

1. Colombia

Colombia offers one of the easiest digital nomad visas in the world. Applicants only need to demonstrate proof of earnings equal to $684 per month and pay a $52 application fee.

The visa is good for 2 years, giving you plenty of time to explore all that Colombia has to offer, from Medellín, the digital nomad hub known as “The City of Eternal Spring” to colorful Cartagena to beautiful Valle del Cocora.

With a very low cost of living, your income will go much further in Colombia while enjoying a great quality of life.

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View of Medellin Colombia

2. Ecuador

Another South American country offering an easy digital nomad visa is Ecuador. Similar to Colombia, this visa is good for up to 2 years.

Ecuador’s digital nomad visa has a slightly higher income threshold and application fee than Colombia’s, but it’s still very attainable for many foreigners coming from countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In order to apply for Ecuador’s digital nomad visa, you must earn at least $1,284 per month and pay a $460 application fee.

View of Cuenca Ecuador

3. Hungary

Hungary offers a great digital nomad visa for remote workers who want to live and work in Europe.

This visa is good for one year and can be extended for an additional year.

You must demonstrate proof of income equal to $2,048 per month, and pay a $112 application fee.

With a low cost of living in Budapest compared to other European capitals, you can enjoy a great life for less money in Hungary.

Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary at sunrise

4. Croatia

Another one of the best digital nomad visas in Europe is offered by Croatia. This country has been named the top digital nomad hub of 2023 and attracts millions of visitors each year with its gorgeous islands and beaches, stunning national parks, and incredible historic cities like Dubrovnik.

The Croatian digital nomad visa requires that you have earned at least $2,465 a month for the past six months, or that you have at least $29,588 in your bank account.

This visa is good for one year and allows you to live and work in Croatia. Now that Croatia is part of the Schengen Zone, Americans can no longer spend as much time here visa-free, so a digital nomad visa will allow you to enjoy a longer stay.

Aerial View Of Old Town Rovinj In Croatia, Adriatic Coast, Mediterranean Sea

5. Costa Rica

Finally, Costa Rica offers an attractive digital nomad visa that is extremely simple to apply for.

This country is the leading destination in Central America, with gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, and an abundance of wildlife and biodiversity.

The Costa Rican digital nomad visa does require that you earn at least $3,000 per month, but it’s very easy to apply for and is good for one year, with the ability to extend it for a second year.

Young Female Tourist With A Backpack Watching A Waterfall In A Natural Setting, Costa Rica, Central America

BONUS: Countries Where Digital Nomads Can Live Visa-Free

Although these countries do not offer formal digital nomad visas, Americans (and tourists of many other nationalities) can stay long-term with just a tourist visa on arrival.

  • Georgia (1 year)
  • Albania (1 year)
  • Mexico (6 months)
  • Panama (6 months)
  • United Kingdom (6 months)
  • Barbados (6 months)
  • Dominica (6 months)

While these countries do not have a formal application process for tourist visas, you’ll need to do your own research on whether or not you can work legally as a digital nomad in them.

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