These 10 U.S. Airports Have The Most Delays


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As the world adjusts to post-pandemic travel once more, it’s clear that many things have changed for the worse – and we’re not just talking about mask-wearing or confusing entry requirements any more. There are new mainstays of the travel experience that travelers are encountering in growing numbers, and flight delays are amongst the most common and frustrating parts of travel in 2022 that travelers will have to get used to. 

Whilst most travelers will be unfortunate enough to encounter delays at one time or another, there are certain airports that carry an increased risk of your flight being affected – and others where the risk is far smaller.

Here’s a look at which ten airports in the US have the most delays, which airports are the best when it comes to flights avoiding delays, and what the industry is doing to tackle the growing problem of flight delays.

US Airports With Most Delays – Information For Travelers

It’s been the best of times and the worst of times for travelers so far this year. Whilst most top travel destinations around the world have removed their Covid-19 related entry restrictions and shown travelers the green light to visit, soaring ticket costs, mass cancellations and thousands of delays have somewhat dampened the appetite for travel that has been growing since the pandemic first grounded travelers in the US. 

Whilst delays may be unavoidable, travelers actually have a better chance of avoiding delays depending on which airport they are departing from. Information collected by the aviation company FlightAware has revealed which airports featured the most delayed flights in the US, and which airports had the fewest.

The airports with the most delayed flights are as follows:

  • Miami – 25% of flights delayed
  • Dallas Love Field – 26% of flights delayed
  • New York JFK – 27% of flights delayed
  • Denver – 28% of flights delayed
  • Fort Lauderdale – 28% of flights delayed
  • Southwest Florida (Fort Myers) – 28% of flights delayed
  • Baltimore – 29% of flights delayed
  • Orlando – 30% of flights delayed
  • Newark Liberty – 31% of flights delayed
  • Chicago Midway – 33% of flights delayed

The statistics show that it’s the East coast airports that are more negatively affected by flight delays, with several airports having as many as 1 in 4 flights affected by delays – and the worst affected seeing one out of every three flights affected by delays.

Airports With The Least Amount Of Delays

In terms of airports with minimal delays, Anchorage is the best airport, with only 9% of its departing flights facing a delay. Portland is second with 13%, with Honolulu taking the bronze medal with just 14% of flights delays. San Francisco, Maui and Salt Lake City also faced delays for just 15% of their flights. 

Male Traveler Upset At The Airport After Having His Flight Delayed Or Cancelled, Travel Disruption Concept

Fixing The Problem – What Travelers Should Know

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is well aware of the issue of flight delays and the impact it has on travel, and is working hard to find solutions. One solution being considered is to allow airlines to fly at lower altitudes in order to be less affected by inclement weather – though this approach will use up more fuel than flying at the typical altitude, which could cause flight ticket prices to rise even further. Perhaps a more practical solution, the FAA has hired 500 new air traffic controllers, with plans to add almost 5,000 more in the coming years, which should help reduce delays. 

Airlines themselves have also taken it upon themselves to find solutions. American Airlines launched their own program to try and analyze air traffic and potential disruptions even earlier, allowing them to be proactive and reduce as many cancellations as possible. However, with a general staff shortage and flight bookings reaching new highs, we’re likely to see further delays plague travelers this summer.

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