Top 10 Destinations Where Your U.S. Dollar Will Go Furthest In 2023


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This year we have witnessed a particular financial phenomenon. The U.S. dollar has been gaining strength and leverage during inflation times compared to other currencies across the world that continue to drop.

There are currently very favorable circumstances for American travelers who prefer international destinations. Many travelers with USD in their pockets are considering this moment as an opportunity to go far in 2023 and save money while traveling and living abroad. 

Woman observing air balloons from a beautiful terrace

But where should they go? We’ve gathered a list of the best destinations where American travelers will be able to stretch their money, have a great time and even enjoy some luxury for less.


This country’s popularity has surprisingly increased in 2022, and more non-stop flights from the United States have been recently added. Turkey offers travelers a beautiful Mediterranean coast, delicious local food, a fascinating culture, friendly people, and very low prices.

Young Female Tourist Posing By The Facade Of The Library Of Celsus In The Ancient City Of Ephesus, Near Selcuk, Turkey, U.S. dollar goes furthest here

The local currency, the lira, has dropped 54% against the U.S. dollar during the last 12 months and has been relying on tourism to recover. The government created a new tourism platform, Go Türkiye, and we have our own great guides for Antalya and Istanbul.

1 USD currently buys you about 18.75 Turkish Lira, compared to 13.32 at the beginning of the year. Considering the massive fall, tourists are currently using Turkey as a great place to buy luxury goods, like gold jewelry at the Grand Bazaar.


Argentina has been neck and neck with Turkey for the worst-performing currency over the last 12 months, and it doesn’t look like it’s headed for any reprieve. As the Argentine Peso drops, more foreigners are looking south to see how much further their budget can go.

Couple dancing tango in Buenos Aires, U.S. dollar goes furthest here

If you like tango, soccer, and friendly people, Argentina is the perfect destination for you in 2023! This beautiful country in South America has vibrant and unique cities like Buenos Aires, the capital, as well as incredible nature and impressive glaciers in Patagonia. 

Local exchange rates can be very complex—if you have a friend in Argentina who can help you get a good exchange rate, do take their advice— since there’s currently an official rate of 150.9 pesos per U.S. dollar, but in the black market, it’s worth 280 pesos, almost double, so bear that in mind during your next trip.


The Japanese yen used to be a very strong currency, but this year it has lost more than a fifth of its value compared to the U.S. dollar. Now that the border is open and the U.S. has relaunched multiple flight routes to this beautiful country, it’s the perfect moment to go. 

Castle in Osaka, Japan , U.S. dollar goes furthest here

From having delicious culinary experiences to staying in a Ryokan to cherry blossom viewing, there’s so much to do in Japan in 2023! You can spend time in super popular Tokyo, or head to some lesser-known gems like Gifu.

If you’ve never been before, Japan has some curious customs and unique traditions tourists should know about.

1 USD = 146 YEN, compared to 115 YEN at the start of 2022.

United Kingdom

Many factors have affected the pound value—including Brexit— and for the past few years, the U.S. dollar has been gaining strength in this country, especially in 2022. Ready to go?

Tower Bridge in London, UK

The United Kingdom has so many incredible destinations! From the fascinating London to Cambridge to Scotland to Wales to Oxford. And for those who want to stretch their dollars even more, they can visit more affordable—and yet amazing— places like York, Brighton, and Liverpool.

1 USD = 0.88 Pounds, however, it only got you 0.74 at the start of the year.


If you have always wanted to visit the Pyramids of Giza, this is your signal! The Egyptian pound has been losing power, and exchange rates are very favorable to Americans. 

Woman observing the pyramids in Egypt

This country offers truly unique experiences. Travelers can sail down the Nile on a local traditional boat, take a hot air balloon over Luxor, and even dive below the Red Sea! And yes, the pyramids are a must!

1 USD = 24 Egyptian Pounds. Early on in 2022, it only got you around 15.

South Africa

This spectacular country could be any traveler’s favorite destination in 2023. Here visitors can enjoy the amazing beaches near one of the capitals, Cape Town, visit breathtaking national parks and safaris, or walk around the impressive Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela’s once hometown. 

Aerial View Of Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s rand has weakened against the U.S dollar, and local authorities have dedicated a tourism campaign to American travelers called “Neverending tourists” encouraging visits. 

1 USD = 18 Rands
In January, it was lower at 16 Rands.


The number one country to visit in South America can offer American travelers the perfect vacation. Colombia has spectacular beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific, perfect weather, incredible landscapes, and extremely delicious food that visitors with U.S. dollars will get to enjoy for a very low price. 

Church Of St Peter Claver Bocagrande In Cartegena, Colombia, South America

Due to the already affordable prices for longer stays in the nation, plus the official launch of Colombia’s digital nomad visa, remote workers with USD in the bank can live a very comfortable lifestyle in cities like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena.

1 USD = 5,091 Pesos
Early in 2022, the exchange was around 4,065


Chile has been one of the most expensive countries in South America for the past few years, but it is now very affordable. Even though tourist destinations can be a little expensive, American travelers can take advantage of the recent fall of the Chilean peso to visit the Atacama desert —one of the best destinations for stargazing—, explore its beautiful Pacific coast, and even go skiing —between June and September— near the capital Santiago.

Santiago skyline

1 USD = 927 Chilean Pesos, whereas in January you would have received around 850.


Thailand’s popularity only keeps increasing among travelers and is a digital nomad’s paradise. One of its main attractions is the low prices! Travelers can find great deals in Thai markets, stay at amazing accommodations for a lot less than Americans would pay in the U.S., and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and impressive landscapes.

fish thailand sea

1 USD = 37 Thai Baht, and in early 2022 it was around 33.

The Euro Area

Have you ever considered Europe as a shopping destination? Luxury goods priced in Euros have not adjusted their prices due to the fall against the dollar, and now many travelers are taking advantage of this opportunity to get amazing deals from the best brands.

Now that the euro rates have dropped historically low, and the return of VAT when leaving the EU, travelers with USD can buy high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton for 20-30% less than they can in the States.

1 USD = 1 Euro
On January 1, the exchange was only 0.88

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