Why Now Is The Best Time To Plan Your Trip To Cancun

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Cancun has enjoyed yet another record-breaking summer, with nearly 150,000 tourists visiting every week.

As the crowds dissipate and the shoulder season quickly approaches, those who haven’t had the chance to visit the Mexican hotspot yet might feel like their chance to catch a glimpse of paradise before the year ends is gone. 

Luckily, that’s not the case. If you look past the massive summer crowds and envy-inducing Instagram pictures, you’ll see that now is actually the best time to plan your trip to Cancun. 

aerial view of Cancun, Mexico

Here’s why:

Lower Prices

With peak season coming to a close, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments are starting to lower their prices to match the decreased demand. 

If you open any booking website right now, you’ll see that the fees have already come down quite a bit compared to the summer season.  

As we approach winter, you can expect the prices to dip even further; however, remember that you’ll want to strike that balance between finding the best price possible and still getting to see Cancun in its best light. 

dock in Cancun

Tickets to attractions and tours are also being sold at discounted fees, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy the activity-filled vacation of your dreams while still being able to stay within budget.

Fewer Crowds

Though it’s tempting to follow the hype and get to see Cancun at the same time as everyone else, showing a bit of patience will ultimately work out in your favor. 

July and August experience such a surge in tourists that visiting your must-see beaches and cultural attractions feels more chaotic than enjoyable. 

The summer crowds in the city are often insufferable, especially to those who are just looking for a relaxing, laid-back vacation.

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Cancun street

Planning your visit in September or October instead will allow you to enjoy your favorite spots unbothered and eat at any restaurant of your choosing without having to wait half an hour for a table or needing to book beforehand (of course, exceptions apply).

Unique Experiences

If you visit Cancun this upcoming fall, know that you won’t miss out on anything. If anything, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an even broader range of experiences compared to summer tourists.

First of all, if a beach holiday is what you’re looking for, you’ll still get to bask under the Cancun sun and take a dive in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. 

With average temperatures that range between 24°C (75.2°F) and 32°C (89.6°F), you might even count yourself lucky that you weren’t there to experience the even higher temperatures of the summer months.

Cancun beach

After your day at the beach, you can take your pick between the wide array of fall activities planned in the city.

For example, during the Autumn Equinox (which falls on September 23rd this year), you can visit the Kulkulan Pyramid to witness the shadows imitating the movement of a snake climbing down the steps. 

October comes with a whole set of local events, including Hanal Pixan (Day of the Dead), Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day), and the annual Festival International del Caribe Mexicano Food and Wine.

This is also the best time for sightseeing some of Cancun’s natural and cultural wonders, seeing as the weather is milder and the crowds far less chaotic.

Palm Tree On A Tropical Golden Sand Beach Bounded By The Bright Blue Caribbean Sea In Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

International Promotion

Since both hotels and the city itself are trying their hardest to keep the tourism momentum going, several international promotions are being carried out in an effort to attract more visitors.

Aerial View Of The Hotel Zone And Playa Delfines In Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

These include the introduction of new entertainment options, undertakings with specific tour operators, as well as increased security and crime-deterrent measures. 

More specifically, there’s currently a campaign underway that’s called “A Todo Verano” (which can roughly be translated to All Year Summer), whose goal is, you guessed it, for Cancun to maintain the same level of summer interest all year long.

Operations of this campaign include new events, sales, and fairs whose goal is to increase awareness that Cancun is much more than just a beach destination.

Tourist visiting chichen itza

In short, you’ll get to enjoy all the extra effort and perks provided by local hoteliers and governing bodies just because you decided to push your vacation off an extra month or two – if your schedule allows for it, the trade-off is worth it.

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