Why This South American Country is Perfect For Digital Nomads


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If anyone seems to have their finger on the pulse of up-and-coming destinations, it’s digital nomads. Always looking for the next best place to check out, this group seems to be constantly in the know of countries for remote working.

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While South America might not be any big secret among digital nomads, most seem to favor Columbia, Peru, or Brazil. While these other countries are ideal choices, there is one that seems to get overlooked a bit, which is why this article is here to announce Uruguay as the next digital nomad hotspot. 

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Introducing: Uruguay

Often overshadowed by its more well-known neighbors of Argentina and Brazil and commonly confused with nearby Paraguay — Uruguay is definitely a destination worth checking out. This small country offers a lot for both tourists and long-term digital nomads. It ranks within the top 50 for the digital nomad index, scoring high for factors such as weather, cost of living, connectivity, and safety. 

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While not offering a digital nomad visa, most passport holders can stay in Uruguay for up to 3 months. And with a sunny and dry summer season running from November thru February, it’s a perfect spot to escape the winter weather for a few months. In fact, Uruguay has recently been named one of Forbes’ “top ten warm weather destinations for digital nomads”. 


When choosing where to live, digital nomads often face the question of safety. Knowing how safe a certain country is can be challenging before arriving, as data is not always readily available or perhaps trustworthy. This can be especially true in regions such as South America, where safety can be a concern. 

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One reason Uruguay is growing in favor of digital nomads is its excellent safety record. In fact, it has recently been classified as the safest country to live in South America, giving digital nomads just another reason to relocate here. Most digital nomads base themselves in the capital city of Montevideo, and for good reason, This coastal, clean city is one of the safest in Latin America.

Being both politically and economically stable, it leaves a lower chance of getting caught in protests or any civil unrest that tends to plague other South American cities. In addition, Uruguayan people, in general, are known to be quite friendly and welcoming, so getting along with locals shouldn’t be an issue.

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In addition to safety, a country with a low cost of living is often at the top of every digital nomad’s wish list. Those coming from the U.S. especially look for destinations with a lower cost of daily living than where they are coming from, and factors such as rent, food, transportation, and utilities are all considered when making the move.

Of course, digital nomads coming from most areas of the U.S., Canada, or the UK can tell you that moving abroad just about anywhere will undoubtedly be less expensive than daily living costs in their home country. With the cost of living crisis and inflation looming, this factor is becoming increasingly important when deciding on where to set up camp as a digital nomad. 

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Having recently been listed as the country in South America with the lowest cost of living, Uruguay is an ideal choice for those looking to save some money. 

Housing and grocery costs are comparable with other developing countries, and average prices can range from low to high depending on the quality that you are looking for. One cost that does remain low in Uruguay is utilities. The average bill for electricity is substantially lower here than in other nearby countries of Argentina or Chile.

This low cost is because Uruguay is heavily invested in renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind power. The fact that Uruguay’s energy consumption is almost 60% derived from renewable resources makes it not only cost-efficient but also one of the most sustainable countries in Latin America. 

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Any digital nomad will tell you that the internet situation is the first and foremost concern when choosing a new destination. As you can probably guess, no article claiming a place was “perfect for digital nomads” would do so unless the country was known for its solid internet connection. 

Uruguay is no exception and boasts internet speeds comparable to that of a Scandinavian country. The connectivity across the country is exceptional, and the large majority of households and businesses boast broadband access. 

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Aside from the internet, transportation in and around Uruguay is quite cheap and efficient. The country has a large concentration of roads, connecting the capital city of Montevideo to the rest of the country and to those nearby. Montevideo is also connected to Buenos Aires from a comfortable ferry ride, clocking in at just under 5 hours. Uruguay has 13 airports, allowing connections to other destinations in South America and further abroad. 

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