World’s Longest Flights Are Back: Could You Handle These 10 Ultra Long Routes?


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Most international travelers are accustomed to spending six to ten hours on board, often overnight. For those with the ability to sleep while flying, the result is a comfortable flight with only a few hours spent trying to occupy their time. However, some long-haul flights are a different animal. It’s easy to sleep half a flight away on a trip that’s less than ten hours. But travelers would need a travel pillow that was downright magical to be able to do so on the world’s longest flight, lasting almost nineteen hours!

Singapore Airlines plane with city in the background

Due to the pandemic, many of these more extreme long-haul routes were halted. Now, as the world moves on from the era of travel restrictions, many of these extra-long-haul routes are being reinstated. Do you think you could handle the top 10?

The World’s 10 Longest Flights

10) Jeddah to Los Angeles (JED to LAX)

  • Longest Leg: 16 hrs. & 10 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,316 miles (13,383 kilometers)
  • Airline: Saudi Arabian
Saudi Arabian Airlines plane

9) Dubai to Los Angeles (DXB to LAX)

  • Longest Leg: 16 hrs. & 20 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,322 miles (13,393 kilometers)
  • Airline: Emirates

8) Atlanta to Johannesburg (ATL to JNB)

  • Longest Leg: 15 hrs. & 50 mins, Return Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,435 miles (13,575 kilometers)
  • Airline: Delta
Delta airlines plane

7) San Francisco to Singapore (SFO to SIN)

  • Longest Leg: 16 hrs. & 40 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,434 miles (13,573 kilometers)
  • Airline: Singapore Airlines, United Airlines

6) Manila to New York (MNL to JFK)

  • Longest Leg: 16 hrs. & 30 mins, Return Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,505 miles (13,687 kilometers)
  • Philippine Airlines
Philippines airlines plane

5) Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (SYD to DFW)

  • Longest Leg: 16 hrs. & 45 mins, Return Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,575 miles (13,800 kilometers)
  • Airline: Qantas

4) Singapore to Los Angeles (SIN to LAX)

  • Longest Leg: 17 hrs. & 10 mins, Return Flight
  • Total Distance: 8,757 miles (14,093 kilometers)
  • Airline: Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

3) Perth to London Heathrow (PER to LHR)

  • Longest Leg: 17 hrs. & 15 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance: 9,010 miles (14,500 kilometers)
  • Airline: Qantas

2) Newark, New Jersey to Singapore (EWR to SIN)

  • Longest Leg: 18 hrs. & 45 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance: 9,524 miles (15,327 kilometers)
  • Airline: Singapore Airlines
Singapore airlines plane

1)New York to Singapore (JFK to SIN)

  • Longest Leg: 18 hrs. & 50 mins, Outbound Flight
  • Total Distance:   9,526 miles (15,331 kilometers)
  • Airline: Singapore Airlines

Upgrades Go A Long Way For Long-Hauls

Long-haul flights are a different kind of flying experience. Hence, they require a different approach to make the trip as comfortable as possible. Firstly, if there was ever a time to upgrade to a higher flying class, it’s for flights like the ones above. Most travelers don’t upgrade to business or first class, especially for shorter flights. Indeed, the cost vs. benefit for shorter flights often doesn’t make it worth upgrading. However, if you’re going to be on a plane for almost 19 hours, upgrading in any way is going to make the whole experience much nicer.

First class on emirates

Some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, offer suites with a personal lounge chair and lie-flat bed, albeit with a hefty price tag (Over $9,000 one way from JFK to SIN). For the other 99% of travelers, it’s probably more realistic to pay an additional fee for a seat with more legroom. After 10+ hours of sitting in a cramped economy seat, paying extra for more legroom will sound more and more enticing.

Sleep Smart

Woman sleeping on a plane

An extra-long-haul flight typically entails a significant time change. In fact, those undertaking the JFK to SIN route will find the date has changed by two days by the time they land. Talk about jet lag! Since you already know what the time difference will be, it can be helpful to go ahead and act like you are in the new time zone. If you can, try sleeping during your destination’s nighttime. You’ll be ahead of the game when you land, meaning you can start exploring without jet lag much faster.

passengers airplane cabin

Could You Do It?

The flights above are so long that some travelers may think twice about booking. However, the flight itself could be a unique and interesting experience if done right. For travelers who aren’t up to the challenge, perhaps breaking up the journey into segments could be a better option. Plus, this would allow for more sightseeing and exploring during a stopover. Regardless, long-haul flights are making a comeback, hopefully for good.

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