5 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit This Breathtaking City In Spain


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If you are in search of the next amazing place to add to your travel resumè, going off the coast of mainland Spain may be up your alley.

Spain is a magnificent country through and through, with so many amazing destinations to visit. Of course, the first places that come to mind are Barcelona and Madrid for a taste of the city life.

Woman taking a selfie in Mallorca

Then there is Ibiza, of course. Known for its stunning scenery and wild nightlife. However, there are dozens of gorgeous places within Spain that tend to be overshadowed by these mainstream destinations.

Perhaps you have heard of the beautiful island of Mallorca (or Majorca). If you haven’t, this gorgeous idyllic island lies just northeast of Ibiza.

Easy to reach and just as beautiful, if not more. What becomes lost about Mallorca is the breathtaking city of Palma that you simply can’t miss.

Here are 5 reasons why now is the best time to visit:

A Change Of Pace

winding streets of palma spain

Compared to Ibiza, Mallorca is a fairly large island. It’s quite conceivable to skip out on the city of Palma since the jaw-dropping coastline goes on for miles and miles.

However, if you visit Mallorca just for the beach, you are doing yourself a disservice. Palma is absolutely gorgeous and will take you back in time on its storybook quiet streets.

If you are the type of traveler seeking to truly unwind while still having plenty to experience, do yourself a favor by adding Palma to your radar.

The summer crowds have gone home and the winding stone streets are ready to embrace you. You may even find yourself as the only tourist in some of the most scenic spots around.

charming street in palma spain

Tranquil Beaches Nearby

Not only will exploring the city leave you gobsmacked with how pretty it is, but the local beaches are clean, swimmable, and spacious.

With so much space, you may feel comfortable enough to go full Euro and let the sun hit parts of you that never see the light of day back home.

Quite seriously though, it’s entirely plausible you may have the beach all to yourself. Just away from the quiet streets of the city are multiple beaches to choose from.

You really can’t go wrong. In fact, the only way you will go wrong is if you are seeking a party beach like Ibiza.

crystal blue beach in palma de mallorca

Palma and the surrounding area is a place to truly relax and experience pure bliss, enjoying the little things in life.

Breathtaking Architecture

Mallorca offers many stunning beaches, but you must pay a visit to Palma as your main hub or a day trip across the island.

The city is phenomenal for a variety of reasons, but this time of year opens a new window to experience its charm.

The highlight of Palma is the immaculate Gothic Roman cathedral commonly known as La Seu. This spectacular marvel built in the 1200s overlooks the scenic Bay of Palma, a place where you will pinch yourself asking “is this real life?”.

tourist at la seu in palma

As if that’s not enough, this city is also home to stunning castles such as Castell de Bellver. Another marvel dating back centuries, this well-preserved castle offers awesome 360-degree views from the top.

And let’s face it, it’s not a real castle without a moat and drawbridge! The only thing missing is the alligators.

It’s Still Warm This Time Of Year

With many streets lined with picturesque palm trees, you will instantly have the feeling you’re in paradise.

Mallorca is a perfect place to escape the gloomy winter weather and enjoy some fun in the sun at your own pace.

picture perfect day in mallorca

Not to mention the lovely shops to explore and all-you-can-eat tapas while sipping local wine. Palma is perfectly enjoyable through fall and winter, with slight decreases in temperature as the months roll on.

Expect mild temperatures, rarely dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with plentiful sunny days ahead.

Cheaper Accommodations

Ranging from luxe hotels to cozy hostels, any type of traveler will find a place that suits them here.

Summertime tends to see a spike in prices across the board but fall and winter bring much more reasonable costs to help your bank account.

Many accommodations are centrally located in the heart of the city, yet there are comfortable options on the outskirts as well.

Here, you may find quiet streets and near-empty beaches, but the city center is a quick, affordable bus ride away.

cliffside hotel in mallorca

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