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Why You Should Add These 4 Cultural European Cities To Your Bucket List For 2024

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago Demand for culture-based trips has increased significantly in recent months, especially among Americans, who have been flocking to foreign countries in search of ancient landmarks they wouldn’t be able to find in the relatively young nation they call home. It’s only natural Europe would be at the […]

Why These 4 Stunning European Islands Are Surging In Popularity

Share The Article Last Updated 37 seconds ago Europe is home to some of the most stunning destinations on the planet. While Europe certainly holds no monopoly on immaculate island getaways, the options are plentiful, especially when it comes to Spain. Spain’s mainland is a never-ending playground with vast cultural cities to explore and small […]

New Study Reveals Top 5 Cheapest European Cities For Airbnbs

Share The Article Last Updated 52 seconds ago Budgeting for a trip can often be one of travelers’ biggest headaches. Unless you’re the type who refuses to open your credit card bill, then it’s best to do a little research ahead of time. Every destination is different, but there are almost always deals to be […]

These Are The Top 5 Fastest-Growing European Destinations According To New Data

Share The Article Last Updated 7 mins ago While it’s still too soon to say what 2024 has in store for travelers, it’s clear that a handful of once-overlooked destinations are about to become some of the year’s trendiest hotspots. Recently released data from the International Air Transport Association (AITA) showed that not only is […]

These Are The Top 5 Most Visited European Destinations By American Travelers  

Share The Article Last Updated 5 mins ago In 2023 more Americans traveled internationally than ever before, and Europe has emerged as the most popular outbound destination for U.S. citizens.   A whopping 15.8 million American travelers visited Europe in 2023. That’s 55% of all international journeys. But where are all these travelers going?  A […]

Why This Gorgeous European Region Will Become A Digital Nomad Hotspot For 2024

Share The Article Last Updated 40 mins ago Europe is every digital nomad’s go-to destination for sampling culture and country-hopping over a short period of time. A well-connected continent, home to nations that are smaller than medium-size U.S. states, it is easy and convenient to explore, largely thanks to the Schengen Area, a passport-free zone […]

4 European Destinations For Digital Nomads That Cost Under $2000 Per Month

Share The Article Last Updated 5 hours ago Europe is every digital nomad’s favorite playground: nowhere in the world will they find that country-hopping is as hassle-free as in the Old Continent, where borders are essentially a non-existing concept, and the wide availability of trains and low-cost flights make it incredibly easy to travel. The […]

Why These 3 Small European Countries Are Popular With Solo Travelers

Share The Article Last Updated 1 min ago While it certainly feels as though nowhere is quite as safe as it once was, it’s important for solo travelers to keep their dreams on track and wits about them. As you embark on your adventures, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little uneasiness with what’s happening […]

Why This Affordable Country Will Be One Of The Most Popular European Destinations For 2024

Share The Article Last Updated 13 seconds ago If you’re a History buff with a professed love for all things Europe, and cobbled streets, ancient sites, and fairytale-like medieval castles make your heart beat faster, budget-friendly Portugal is likely to rank high on your list of places to visit this year. Not only is it […]

Why This Stunning European Resort City Is Becoming A Year-Round Destination

Share The Article Last Updated 47 seconds ago For many Americans, going across the pond is a summertime thing, as it is when Europe is at its most vibrant, beaches feel livelier, and seas are warm for swimming, but what if we told you not all parts of the continent are plunged into darkness and […]

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