Cancun Will Sell Out For Easter As Over 3 Million Tourists Expected


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Mexico’s most popular tourist destination, Cancun, will experience a rush of 3 million tourists for Easter this year, selling out all of the hotels in the city. Quintana Roo projects hotel occupancy above 85% for Easter with a risk of being completely booked by the time of the holiday. The influx of tourists is expected to cause an economic boom for the Cancun tourism industry.

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Why Is Mexico So Popular?

Cancun is home to some of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in the world. The destination serves as a staple for spring breakers, family vacationers, and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Mexico’s, and more specifically Cancun’s, proximity to the United States makes it an easy destination for people in the US and Canada to get to. 


Flights to Mexico are generally cheaper and faster than flights to other popular tourist destinations in Europe or Asia. Plus, Mexico shares time zones with the US, making it the perfect place for digital nomads and remote workers to set up a base and work from.

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Mexico currently has some no covid restrictions for entry. Entering the country is a breeze, with no pre-departure covid test required. In fact, it’s one of a growing list of countries in the world without any covid related entry requirements. Once inside, Mexico has relaxed COVID restrictions and Cancun has just dropped the requirements to wear masks outdoors

Growing So Fast

Mexico became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world during the peak of the COVID pandemic. This super fast growth did come with some growing pains though.The country suffered from overtourism for months and it caused a bit of a problem for some of the countries popular airports. Some travelers reported waiting as long as 2 hours to get through immagration. Though it seems that these problems have subsided. 

There was also a spike in crime at some popular tourist destinations. The government has been versatile in dealing with these issues though, most likely not wanting to ruin the economic boom coming from the spike in tourism. 

The Future Looks Bright

Many people expected the tourism boom to end when the pandemic fizzled, but that seems to not be the case. A wild spring break and now a likely sold out Easter weekend show that Mexico’s popularity is sustainable and some companies are confident in this. 

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American hotel giant, Hilton, is planning to expand its network in Mexico this year with 15 new hotels and resorts. In an interview with MILENIO, Juan Corvinos, vice president of development for Latin America and the Caribbean for Hilton stated, “Our prospects for Mexico are very good and the development team will continue working to make it so. We have aggressive growth plans, we will arrive before the end of the year with these 15 hotels, we have many scheduled openings”

Hilton is not alone. Eleven brand new resorts have just opened in Cancun and we can expect many more to be opening in the future. 

Better Book Fast

With two weeks to go before Easter and hotels already at 85% capacity, you better book fast if you plan on visiting Cancun on your Easter weekend! 

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