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The world has so many experiences to offer all kinds of travelers that sometimes it is hard to choose. There are places, things, and activities you didn’t even know existed. Luckily for ambitious travelers searching for new challenges or life-changing moments, there’s a new exciting list with amazing ideas and travel experiences.

Woman enjoying the beach in Crete, Greece, travel

Experts from the New York Times have organized a debate to choose the 25 must-have travel experiences and invited a jury composed of writers Pico Iyer and Aatish Taseer, landscape photographer Victoria Sambunaris, chef and food scientist David Zilber, and architect Toshiko Mori.

From 55 ideas, experts chose 25 —encouraging travelers to do their own research and consider safety prior to travel— that should be unforgettable and appealing to different kinds of travelers. Are you ready to add more items to your bucket list? At Travel Off Path, we have considered these 7 experiences to be some of the most interesting for our readers: 

​​Spotting the aurora borealis in Norway

This impressive phenomenon, also known as “the northern lights,” will amaze any lucky traveler who gets to see them. It’s one of the most special experiences for winter travel, and Norway is the best destination in the world to admire this impressive natural show. 

the northern lights in Norway, travel

Eating Delicious Food In Crete

Visiting Crete, the largest Greek island, is already a magical experience. Here travelers will find some of the warmest beaches in Europe during winter, beautiful landscapes, and delicious Mediterranean food. Experts at the New York Times recommend the restaurant Ntounias, hosted by chef Stelios Trilyrakis, considered to have the most authentic and tasty local food. Zilber said: “The island itself is one of the oldest continually inhabited civilizations in all of Europe. It has a crazy history, and just going there and eating this food, the way that he cooks it, it’s so honest.”

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Greek food served

Swim In A Desert Oasis In Oman

Oases do exist, and the best ones are in Oman. This country has been highlighted by experts to be a great destination in the Middle East, Mori said: “It’s absolutely gorgeous, the air is clear, the food is great, and the climate is wonderful. It’s so easy for people to go here, yet Dubai takes all the tourists”. Here travelers will find many desert valleys called wadis, and the best one is Wadi Bani Khalid. It takes a three-hour drive to visit it from Muscat, the capital. 

Oasis Wadi Bani Khalid in Oman, travel

Hike The Kumano Hongu Taisha In Japan

Japan’s southern peninsula offers travelers fascinating ocean views and dense forests. The tranquility and beauty of the hike of the Kumano Kodo attract millions of travelers every year for spiritual experiences at the impressive and ancient network of trails. Mori said: “It’s arduous, and that makes it a strange spiritual experience unlike anything else.”

japanese garden with pond

Eat Delicious Mexican Food In Oaxaca

If you love Mexican culture and food, you must visit Oaxaca! This region has been gaining popularity for its culinary experiences. Oaxaca city has fascinating restaurants where tourists can taste the best moles, quesillo, tacos, and local barbecue. Taseer explained more about what makes this experience so unique, especially at restaurants like Levadura de la Olla: “Besides the food being wonderful, it seemed like a real break from the sort of fine dining you find elsewhere.”

Mexican Traditional Food

Drive The Pan-American Highway

For a life-changing road trip experience, the experts recommend the Panamerican Highway. This impressive route goes from Argentina to Alaska, around 19,000 miles, crossing 14 countries and only interrupted by the Darién forest between Panama and Colombia. It crosses deserts, forests, colonial cities, and lakes and goes near beaches and volcanoes.

people driving on the road in the desert

Visit The Atacama Desert In Chile

If you want to feel like you are walking on Mars, you must visit this impressive desert in the north of Chile. Tourists will get to see flamingos near salt lakes, perfectly shaped volcanoes, and the most amazing starry nights. Mori said: “You can have an amazing time looking at stars, and it’s incredibly dry, so the atmosphere is very different. A truly visceral experience.”

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

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