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Top 5 Travel Destinations You Are Most Likely To Get Sick

Share The Article Last Updated 6 mins ago Falling ill while on vacation has got to be one of the biggest concerns of Americans flying abroad, especially now in this post-pandemic context we’re living in. Spending your hard-earned yearly break sick in a hospital bed, in a foreign country where you’re unsure whether doctors can […]

7 Of The Most Underrated Travel Destinations This Year

Share The Article Last Updated 6 mins ago Are you looking to travel somewhere off the beaten path this year? Check out these amazing, underrated destinations around the world! While popular destinations like Paris, London, Italy, and Greece may be at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, these destinations come with sky-high prices and […]

U.S. Issues New Travel Advisory For Mexico Regarding Spring Break

Share The Article Last Updated 8 mins ago While American travelers are enjoying or getting ready for spring break travel, the government of the United States has just issued a travel warning for one of the top destinations this season: Mexico.  The U.S. State Department shared on Monday an official travel warning addressing multiple concerns, […]

Americans Should Expect Less Travel Disruption Vacationing In Europe This Summer

Share The Article Last Updated 42 mins ago If you jet off to Europe last summer immediately after the continent fully reopened for tourism, amid the post-pandemic travel frenzy, you might have realized, much to your dismay, that airports were not prepared for such an unprecedented surge in travel demand. Back then, last-minute cancelations, long […]

Why This Underrated European Country Deserves To Be On Your Travel Radar This Year

Share The Article Last Updated 7 hours ago When you think about traveling in Europe, there is certainly no shortage of amazing countries to choose from, with most offering cities, small towns, and beaches, with history and culture at every turn. While there are certain destinations that are more popular than others, there are also […]

8 Destinations That Eugene Levy Visits in New Travel Show – The Reluctant Traveler

Share The Article Last Updated 14 hours ago You might be familiar with Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose in the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek, but in his new TV show, The Reluctant Traveler, you’ll see a completely different side as the actor and comedian tackles his anxiety with traveling. The show follows Eugene Levy […]

U.S. State Department Has Travel Warnings In Place For These 6 Regions In Mexico

Share The Article Last Updated 7 hours ago Travelers heading to Mexico this winter or for spring break should take caution or, in some instances, consider canceling their trip. The U.S. State Department has travel advisories in place for all but two Mexican states. Six Mexican states are under the most severe level 4 “do […]

6 Reasons Sri Lanka Should Be On Your Travel Radar This Year

Share The Article Last Updated 8 hours ago If you have read anything about Sri Lanka in the past year, it’s likely that it wasn’t good news. From protests, political uprisings, electricity cuts, and food shortages, the country has had a rough time recently. In addition to daily hardships, the people of Sri Lanka suffered […]

This Is The Most Popular Type Of Travel For Americans Right Now

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago If being active on your vacation gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. There’s a more popular type of travel that has Americans adding relaxing locations to their wish lists. Dubbed the “nothing-cation” – also known as a trip where relaxation and warm weather are the main highlights, […]

7 Overrated Destinations For 2023: Should You Change Your Travel Plans?

Share The Article Last Updated 8 hours ago There are certain destinations that look incredible on social media but are not at all what you expected in reality. Places that became so popular that all you can see are large crowds that make it impossible to truly enjoy or even take one nice picture. Or […]

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