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Why Bali Wants To Change Its Reputation And Deter ‘Bad Behavior’

[ad_1] Share The Article Last Updated 9 mins ago While Bali waited two years to welcome back tourists with reduced restrictions, the island was given the chance to restore some balance after its consistent onslaught of tourists showing up at its doors. Prior to the pandemic, more than 6.3 million people visited Bali in 2019, […]

7 Overrated Destinations For 2023: Should You Change Your Travel Plans?

[ad_1] Share The Article Last Updated 8 hours ago There are certain destinations that look incredible on social media but are not at all what you expected in reality. Places that became so popular that all you can see are large crowds that make it impossible to truly enjoy or even take one nice picture. […]

Top 5 Travel Trends For 2023 And How They Will Change Your Next Trip

[ad_1] Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago Travel is finally back, and the industry is making a rapid recovery after being forced to shut down due to government restrictions. However, many aspects of the travel landscape have changed over the past few years, with new trends and ways of travel emerging. These are […]