The 5 Best And Worst Tourist Attractions In The World According To New Ranking


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Most travelers have limited time when exploring a new destination, and sometimes it’s hard to choose and prioritize. 

However, a new study has the scoop on what attractions travelers must visit and what is ok to miss. 

Aerial view of the parliament in Hungary at sunset

The luggage company Stasher has recently published a ranking of the 99 tourist attractions across the globe to determine which attractions are truly worth visiting. 

For the analysis, experts at Stasher considered different location data, recent Google reviews, TikTok popularity, and distance from the nearest international airport.

Travelers’ least disappointing attractions are primarily in Europe, and two of the worst are in the United States. 

Traveler with hat and backpack visiting city with map in hand

Here are the results:

5 Best Tourist Attractions In the World

If you are visiting one of these countries and have just a few hours to visit the main attractions, these are the ones that you shouldn’t miss: 

1) Hungarian Parliament Building – Hungary

This beautiful neo-gothic building got the highest score in the ranking: 7.34. The House of Parliament has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987 and its history is quite interesting. 

This fascinating building is one of the reasons why travelers should visit Hungary, a budget-friendly destination that offers travelers incredible experiences. 

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Interior view of the Parliament building in Budapest with impressive architectural details

2) Disneyland Paris – France

Travelers and families have a great time at Disneyland Paris. This attraction got a great score, 7.17 out of 10, and according to the study, it is the most popular attraction on TikTok. 

Even though it is not a great time to visit Paris right now, travelers recommend this beautifully themed park. 


3) The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

This impressive geothermal lagoon has amazed tourists with its volcanic landscapes. The Blue Lagoon got 7.15 points and is also very popular on Tiktok. 

Its peculiar silica-rich blue water marbles visitors and is one of the 25 wonders of the world.

Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool in Western Iceland

4) Plaza de Espana – Spain

There are great squares across the world, but according to this study, Plaza de España is definitely worth visiting. 

This is not like every other square, Plaza de España in Seville has extraordinary buildings, benches, mosaics, and a large fountain and has earned 7.13 points in the ranking.

Young Female Tourist At La Plaza D'Espana In Seville, Spain

5) Angkor Wat – Cambodia

In fifth place, with 7.04 points, the temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia keeps amazing travelers with its unique structure and beautiful surroundings.

This religious monument is the largest in the world, and its construction and history make it truly special.

tuk tuk driving through Angkor Wat during the day

The next top attractions are St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy, El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Argentina, the Acropolis of Athens in Greece, the Museum of New Zealand in New Zealand, and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

5 Worst Tourist Attractions In the World

If you don’t have much time, these are the attractions that you can miss on your next trip: 

1) Hollywood Walk of Fame – United States

Its popularity has probably raised travelers’ expectations, and the Hollywood Walk of fame doesn’t seem to change any traveler’s life. 

Visitors have described it as “unsafe” and “dirty” according to the report and got 3.42 in the score.

Traffic and pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard at dusk in los angeles

2) Grand Bazaar – Turkey

Visiting one of the world’s oldest shopping malls hasn’t been many tourists’ favorite experience and has been poorly rated, earning 2.8 points in the ranking.

Tourists are concerned about safety in this attraction and seem to prefer other destinations in Turkey.  

gold shopping grand bazaar turkey

3) Taj Mahal – India

The famous Taj Mahal hasn’t exceeded visitors’ expectations. In the study, one of the factors considered is the distance from the airport tourists must travel over 130 miles to get there.

Beautiful photo of the Taj Mahal palace

4) Busch Gardens – United States

With 4.52 points, this theme park in Tampa Bay ranked near the bottom. Florida had the worst quality for accommodation, and it had an impact on its attractions.

busch gardens coaster

5) Lotte World – South Korea

Another theme park is poorly ranked. Lotte World, also called “Magic Island” is one of the top attractions in Seoul, but has earned just 4.8/10 points in this ranking. 

Traveler admiring monuments in Seoul, Korea

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