These Are The Top 5 Cities With The Highest Airbnb Fees According To New Study


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Nothing is worse than putting in hours of research trying to book the perfect getaway, then reaching the final page and seeing exorbitant fees tacked on. 

Random cleaning fees, pet fees, high deposits, service charges, and more have sent frustrated travelers into a frenzy!

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Hotels have made a big comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic, while Airbnb continues to charge high fees and has had some unfortunate incidents in recent headlines.

Travelers have a dilemma on their hands when trying to choose between a more spacious stay at an Airbnb or a more traditional stay at a hotel.

What Is Included In New Study

It’s not surprising since Airbnb users are expected to encounter an average of 36% in various fees this summer.

For example, if guests were to pick a comfortable home to stay at for roughly $180 per night, the added fees would potentially make the new cost almost $250 per night.

These numbers are found in a recent study by Forbes to determine the highest fees for each market this summer. 

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The study was performed by searching over 30,000 listings in 100 of the most sought-after Airbnb destinations ranging from major cities, such as Houston and Chicago, to smaller markets, such as Montauk and Kissimmee.

The following are the top 5 cities for the highest AirBnB fees:

Number 5 – Memphis, Tennessee 

Memphis is a fun city to explore and waste the night away on the famous Beale Street. 

Known for Hall-of-Fame musical talents, such as B.B. King and Elvis Presley, who began their careers in this marvelous city, music lovers will have the time of their lives.

It’s also a haven for BBQ enthusiasts, with many mouthwatering restaurants across the city. 

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memphis signs on beale street

While visitors will have a blast here, it may not be so fun to check the bill of your Airbnb.

The blues capitol of Tennessee comes in ranked at Number 5 due to its very high costs.

At a nightly rate averaging $215, the fees average 45% spread across various cleaning fees, service fees, and taxes.

Number 4 – Davenport, Florida

While many may not recognize this town, it is located in close proximity to the more popular city of Orlando. 

About a 40-minute drive from the city, guests who would stay here would still be able to explore beaches and Walt Disney World in an easy day trip.

lake in orlando

Those considering staying in this area might want to reconsider, as Davenport comes in ranked at Number 4.

At a nightly rate of $166, the fees are very expensive, also averaging 45% spread across various fees and taxes.

Number 3 – Fort Myers, Florida

Famous for beautiful beaches, fishing trips, and shopping options, Fort Myers is a popular destination for Airbnb-ers

Unfortunately, this market is the highest in fees for the state of Florida. Beachgoers will need to keep a close eye on their bill when booking here.

fort myers florida buildings

Fort Myers ranks Number 3 due to its slightly higher costs than its other Florida counterpart, Davenport.

The average nightly rate is $248, with the average fees coming out to 46% when including a variety of fees and taxes.

Number 2 – Phoenix, Arizona

The capital of the beautiful desert state of Arizona is known for its warm weather, pristine golf courses, and trendy suburbs. This city is a very popular place for Airbnbs.

Although, those coming to Phoenix and the surrounding areas may experience shocking costs when looking beyond the average nightly rate of $202. 

phoenix skyline at night

Phoenix ranks Number 2 on the list, with total fees averaging 47%. Cleaning fees alone come in at a very high 20% compared to other cities remaining in the teens.

Nearby Scottsdale, where many guests choose to stay when visiting the Valley of The Sun, also ranks Number 7 with very similar results to bigger Phoenix. 

Number 1 – Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, as well as being the Capital. A city with deep ties to its Southern roots, this area has a diverse music scene and an underrated food hub for foodie travelers.

The Atlanta airport is one of the busiest in the nation, which means many travelers opt to stay here even when passing through. 

atlanta at night

Those looking to stay at an Airbnb may find fees larger than a Georgia peach!

Atlanta ranks Number 1 in the country. Airbnbs in Atlanta have an average nightly rate of $192. 

The fees are the highest in the country, with the average total of fees at 47%

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