This Stunning European Island Is Hosting The Ultimate Digital Nomad Festival This December


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We all know by now digital nomadism is one of the world’s leading travel trends. All of Earth is being scoped out for remote workers to pack their bags and find their new home away from home.

There is no singular job that allows people to take on this exciting lifestyle, but the one key point is the position must offer a remote setting.

The digital nomad trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but up, even as some bosses try to coerce remote workers to return to the office for a “hybrid” work arrangement.

Some may take the bait, but real digital nomads aren’t going anywhere! Those looking to double down by gaining more insight, expertise, and connections with like-minded nomads should look no further than Nomad Island Fest 2023.

This Stunning European Island Is Hosting The Ultimate Digital Nomad Meetup This Winter

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Why Nomad Island Fest? Invest In Yourself

One downside of digital nomadism is certain countries require a minimum income to receive a digital nomad visa.

A stunning country like Iceland, for example, isn’t attainable for many remote workers. Digital nomads tend to seek out the most affordable places as not all remote positions can compensate for the on-the-go, globetrotting lifestyle.

Here is where education and investment in yourself come into play. Nomad Island Fest will give you and your career a boost both in business and personal well-being.

In fact, past events have seen multiple six-figure results through its expert-guided collaborations and tailored networking, rather than being forced to make awkward small talk. Ew.

No matter what your job description may be, if you are barely scraping by or have an ultra-successful business, this event welcomes everyone with open arms.

Transform Your Life In Paradise

Portugal has been one of the hottest travel destinations all year and is going out with a bang! Nomad Island Fest will be held in beautiful Madeira Island from December 7-13, 2023.

Those who attend can look forward to hearing over 100 speakers with successful backgrounds in remote careers to inspire and give them the confidence needed to keep propelling forward.

You’ve made it this far, so why stop now? Of course, there is always that little voice in the back of your head asking if this is a good idea.

Common questions might be, “Is it a waste of time?’, “Is it a waste of money?”, “Am I going to end up in a cult?”.

No, no, and definitely no. Nomad Island Fest takes pride in removing all the fluff by taking a more holistic approach, rather than force-feed the same recycled nonsense you may hear at boring conferences and wellness retreats.

The focus is on YOU, where you won’t feel like just a number lost in a big crowd. Just take it from Michelle Maree, Founder of The Nomad Escape.

“I know the loneliness that creeps in while building a business from your kitchen table, surrounded by walls that echo your thoughts, or the sense of being a stranger in new towns as a traveling entrepreneur. It’s a journey filled with silent battles and unseen victories.

This deep, personal experience led me to create The Nomad Escape. It’s more than an event; it’s a sanctuary where isolated journeys converge into a supportive entrepreneurial community. We’re not just sharing strategies; we’re weaving a tapestry of shared dreams and understanding.

I have hosted over 1000+ remote working professionals on 33 retreats, and all of them come out with new opportunities, energy, mentors, partners and strategies. Something that you can not find or experience by yourself.

This is why those type events are an accelerator for your personal and professional growth. And as a cherry on the cake, our events are on jaw-dropping locations that fuels the wanderer within you.”

Michelle Maree, Founder

More About Madeira

Madeira is one of those islands where you have to zoom in on Google Maps just to see it exists. This tiny island lacks size but will leave you with lifelong memories, especially with an event like Nomad Island Fest.

Home to delightful wine and stunning scenery, this sunny island is the perfect setting to inspire you to keep going so you can have more of the world’s best.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut or you’re living your best life, this tropical getaway will reignite your goals or perhaps inspire new ones.

Nature has a way of allowing us to reset, and there may be no better place to do so than Madeira’s postcard-worthy cliffsides, crystal blue waters, and lush green jungles.

Aerial drone view of Camara de Lobos village panorama near to Funchal, Madeira. Small fisherman village with many small boats in a bay.jpg

But Wait, There’s More!

What could be better than jetting off to a gorgeous island to work on leveling up your digital nomad lifestyle with other nomads?

How about a global online community that you can always reach out to for advise and support?

The Nomad Escape may be hosting Nomad Island Fest, but they go far beyond this single event, hosting many more throughout the year and connecting entrepreneurs across the globe.

You should definitely check out Nomad Island Fest, but if you can’t attend, be sure to keep checking The Nomad Escape for more opportunities to grow!

How To Enter To Win A Free Ticket

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