Top 10 Biggest Travel Trends For 2023


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Travel made a big comeback in 2022. We saw the reopening of borders, the elimination of COVID requirements, and a surge in travel around the world. Now, with (hopefully) the worst of the pandemic behind us, we can look forward to what is to come this year. And as travelers make plans for 2023, we anticipate many travel trends will be driven by similar reasons.

Top 10 Biggest Travel Trends For 2023

After living through years of stress, uncertainty, restrictions, and hassle related to the pandemic, we now value our time, travels, and well-being more than before. We have a fresh understanding of how quickly travel can be taken away from us, and we have a lot to decompress from. As we make plans for travel in 2023 we are looking for stress-free adventures where we can make the most of our time and truly enjoy an experience.

A row of cruise passengers relax on a stress-free vacation, a trend of 2023

Without further ado, Here is our roundup of the top 10 biggest travel trends headed our way in 2023:

Countries With No Travel Restrictions Or Mask Mandates

We put up with it for a few years, but now tourists are done with travel inconveniences due to COVID. People are actively seeking out vacations to countries with free and open travel. Travel restrictions, mask mandates, vaccination requirements, and quarantine still exist in some countries. But now that many have fully reopened, travelers want to visit countries they where they don’t have to jump through hoops.

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a woman sits on a wooden deck and looks at the snow capped mountains in the distance

All Inclusive & Packaged Vacations

After the stress of lockdowns, flight cancellations, and general travel chaos, travelers in 2023 don’t want to worry about anything. The solution to this? All-inclusive and packaged vacations. Booking an entire vacation through a travel agent or website takes away the stress of having to plan all the small details. Simply choose a destination and a budget and let the experts plan the rest.  

a group of tourists embark on a small boat tour

The Return Of Cruising

Cruising took a big hit during the pandemic and was one of the last things in the travel industry to restart. Now, cruising is back bigger and better than before. Cruises all around the world are selling out well in advance, likely because it is one of the most stress-free types of vacations. Cruise companies are building new ships, and expanding their offerings in the U.S. market. Once you figure out which cruise is best for you there’s not much more you need to do. Flights, day tours and excursions, entertainment, and dinners can all be pre-planned, leaving you with nothing to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy the cruise.

cruise ships bahamas caribbean

Mainstream Solo Travel

According to a recent survey, 25% of Americans planned to take a solo trip last year. We expect this trend to continue to grow throughout 2023. There are so many reasons why traveling solo is a good idea. First, traveling alone is a great way to learn more about yourself, and gain self-confidence. When traveling alone you become more open to meeting new people and truly immerse yourself in the destination. Traveling without companions also gives you the freedom to explore your own itinerary on your own schedule.

Female Tourist In Chichen Itza, Yucatan State, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

In the past, traveling alone was seen as something only suitable for single people. Now, all types of people are jumping on the trend and bucking cultural norms. Couples are traveling without their partners, elderly travelers are rediscovering themselves, and women are feeling empowered to travel solo.

Wellness Travel And Digital Detox

Digital detox vacations and general wellness travel is on the rise this year. Travelers looking to improve their health and mental well-being now have plenty of options for stress-free getaways. Wellness retreats have grown to be more than just yoga classes and spa treatments. There are specific getaways available for anyone who needs to reset and rediscover themselves. Choices vary from dance retreats, art workshops, and female empowerment events, to fitness and adventure getaways, plant medicine therapies, and emotional detox.

a wellness retreat is set up on a wooden deck with comfortable seating for attendees

Digital detox retreats are a form of wellness travel that is really picking up speed. In our increasingly digital world, it is easy to lose track of reality. These organized retreats allow participants to connect with the world around them by disconnecting from technology. Phones, tablets, and laptops are not permitted. Events are planned to allow participants to truly immerse themselves in the surrounding environment and make real connections with people without technological distractions.

Woman on beach facing sun, wellness

Sober Travel Experiences

Sober travel is no longer just for non-drinkers and people in recovery. More and more, travelers are actively choosing to ditch the booze and connect with a destination in a different way. Traveling sober leaves tourists with more money and more time for meaningful experiences that they will remember. According to Lonely Planet, travelers who choose to be sober on vacation “are finding they feel more authentic, are more present, and start tapping into a sense of belonging that alcohol once temporarily provided.”

two people clink glasses full of mocktails at a bar - sober travel is a top trend for 2023

Sober vacations have become more convenient than ever in recent years. We expect this trend to grow stronger in 2023. No and low alcohol bars are popping up in major cities. Premium mocktails are found on most bar menus, and there are even sober club nights, booze-free festivals, and travel companies that coordinate sober experiences.

Group Of Friends Taking A Selfie In Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Long-term And Nomadic Travel

More companies than ever now offer the opportunity for employees to work remotely. This has led to a renaissance of long-term and nomadic travel. Traveling long-term has become a popular lifestyle, and allows people to truly immerse themselves in a destination. With 45 countries now offering Digital Nomad Visas, living like a local in a foreign country is easier than ever.

Male Digital Nomad Working On A Beach Location

Influencer Group Travel

Many travel influencers from TikTok, Instagram, and popular travel blogs now offer curated group tours to followers. While the tours vary by influencer, they are all geared toward giving followers a taste of the influencer’s journeys. Group tours bring together like-minded people to chase the swoon-worthy travel experiences they see on social media.  

Group tourists with Backpacks descends down on Mountain Trail during Hike.

Tours typically have a theme — Dear Alyne hosts women’s empowerment and female entrepreneurial success trips. Alyssa Ramos hosts bucket-list adventures for her followers. The Blonde Abroad curates excursions for all-female groups, and Johnny Ward accompanies followers to developing nations to partake in community projects. The trend of influencers curating or traveling with groups of their followers shows no signs of slowing down.  

A group of women take a selfie in Amsterdam

Strong Cultural and Historical Destinations

More than ever, tourists are traveling with intention. They are choosing destinations based on their desire to learn about the culture and history of a particular place. Destinations rich in cultural traditions and history like Jordan, Mexico, and many European countries, make it easy for tourists to enjoy a vacation abroad while learning more about the world we all share.  

Couple looking at Monastery in Petra

Multiple Country Trips

Traveling to multiple countries during one trip is a great way for travelers to maximize their time away. Because we now all know how quickly travel can be taken away from us, taking advantage of what time we do have to explore is all the rage. If you’ve already taken a week or two off of work, why not maximize your adventures by visiting more than one country? Europe is a particularly great place for this because of the close proximity of countries, and the ease of train travel.  

Woman enjoying a ride on a train

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