Visiting The Richest Country In The World Is Surprisingly Affordable


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Luxembourg is not only the wealthiest country in the European Union it is also considered to be the richest country in the world.

This is no mean feat considering that Luxembourg is tiny. The country is ten times smaller than its equally small neighbor Belgium. To put that into perspective, Luxembourg is slightly smaller than the state of Rhode Island.

Visiting The Richest Country In The World Is Surprisingly Affordable

With such a high GDP per person you would be forgiven for thinking that spending time in Luxembourg would break the bank. But despite being one of the world’s richest and smallest countries, it is surprisingly affordable to visit.

Here’s why visiting Luxembourg is a cost-effective option for budget travelers:

Free Public Transport

The cost of getting around on vacation can quickly add up. Travelers need to consider how much they will spend on trains, buses, and taxis to get them from A to B.

But this is not the case if you travel to Luxembourg because public transport is free across the entire country.

street view of Luxembourg central train station

Since 2020 all forms of public transport are free of charge in Luxembourg. This includes buses, trains, and the new and incredibly modern tram system.

This applies to both residents and tourists, meaning that you can hop on and off a bus, train, or tram in Luxembourg without spending a penny. You won’t even have to get a ticket!

The only thing you need to carry to travel by public transport in Luxembourg is a form of identity, as you may be asked to show this to the conductor when you are on board.

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Beautiful buildings in Pfaffenthal, Luxembourg City

You can whizz across the city, head out into the countryside or even connect directly to networks in other countries. Luxembourg benefits from excellent cross-border connections with Germany, France, and Belgium.

Fast, efficient, clean, and free? What better way to travel!

Affordable Accommodation Options

Luxembourg is famous for being a wealthy country full of wealthy residents. This means that there are an abundance of high-end 5-star hotels in the country, but the price tags for these are much lower than you might expect.

Cityscape of Luxembourg city in the evening, Luxembourg.

Compared to other European capitals such as Paris and London, high-end hotels in Luxembourg are refreshingly affordable. 5-star hotels in August are available in the heart of the city center for just $249 at the time of writing.

If you’re on a tighter budget, then you can expect to pay around $100 per night for a basic hotel room in the city center.

Budget travelers can also take advantage of the huge number of free attractions available in Luxembourg. Most of the museums in the Museum Mile will offer free entry to their permanent exhibits. Those museums that are not free offer reduced prices or free evening openings once a week.

the Parliament of Luxembourg

The Luxembourg City tourist board also has numerous walking trails and tours that are free to access. These are a great way to explore both the popular tourist attractions and the hidden gems of the city.

Access Wider Europe

If you’re planning a Europe-wide adventure, then Luxembourg makes a great base. It is centrally and conveniently located, meaning that you leave the country in the morning but still be back in your Luxembourg hotel room by bedtime!

High-speed trains depart to Tier, Metz, and Brussels from the city center every hour. The high-speed rail network can whizz you to Paris in under two hours.

But don’t just visit Luxembourg to leave it. There’s plenty to keep you in the country!

A Luxembourg Train Crossing A Bridge Spanning Luxembourg City, Western Europe

Because wider Europe is so easy to reach from Luxembourg, this means that many people commute to the capital from Belgium, France, and Germany for work. The permanent population of the city is just 645,000 residents.

That makes the city incredibly quiet, and you can enjoy its most famous landmarks without any crowds: a refreshing change from other crowded European capitals such as Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam!

A fortress and castle in Luxembourg.

Outside of the capital city, there are more than 70 castles in Luxembourg dating back over 1,000 years. These are fairytale, Disney-style castles surrounded by green forests and rolling hills, lending a magical feel.

Use Luxembourg as a base to explore Europe, but don’t forget to take the time to explore Luxembourg too.

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