Potential Tropical Storm Alex Could Wreak Havoc On Florida Travel This Weekend

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Tropical storm warnings for the weekend have been issued by the National Hurricane Center in the United States for the central and southern regions of the Florida peninsula, Cuba, and The Bahamas. 

Up to 20 inches of rain and sustained winds of 39 miles per hour are expected to affect Florida from Friday through Sunday morning, with a 90% probability of turning into Tropical Storm Alex, the first tropical storm of the season.

Florida Is Seeing Its Worse Flights Delays In Years Causing Frustration For Travelers

According to the agency, heavy rains and thunderstorms are already taking place in the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico —which includes top destinations for travelers like Cancun— as a consequence of Hurricane Agatha, downgraded into a tropical storm after landfall on Monday.

The National Hurricane Center stated: “The system is expected to develop a well-defined center and become a tropical storm later today, and some slight strengthening is possible while it approaches Florida”.

tropical storm at beautiful beach

Tropical Storm Alex —a name previously used for other tropical cyclones across the world— would be the first of the season 2022. A few days ago, the government of the United States issued travel warnings for US citizens about hurricane season in the Caribbean.

A few hours ago, the National Hurricane Center posted on Twitter: “Potential Tropical Cyclone One could produce coastal flooding of 1-3 ft above normally dry ground along with parts of the southwestern coast of Florida and the Florida Keys.”

Over 10 million people in the region will be affected and should take precautions for flooding and gusty winds as well —which are expected to reach 40mps and more. Miami, Key West, and Fort Myers will be the main areas affected this Friday and Saturday.

CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said: “Whether the storm organizes or not, a significant flood event is possible across south Florida and the Keys.” Within the next few hours, experts and local authorities will be sharing more details about the storm’s progress. Travelers and US citizens in the area must stay alert.

Forecast For The Weekend And Warnings In Florida

It is hard to predict exactly how the storm will develop within the next few hours, but there’s already a timeline and a path predicted for this storm, and heavy rain in the area is certain.

On Thursday, the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) said: “There is still some variability on how this system will track, but heavy precipitation capable of scattered to numerous flash flooding is certainly plausible through southern Florida and into the Keys.”

The bulletin shared by the National Hurricane Center showed tropical storm warnings issued for Florida and specifically mentioned: 

  •  Florida Keys including the Dry Tortugas.
  •  Florida Bay.
  • West coast of Florida south of the Middle of Longboat Key to Card Sound Bridge.
  • East coast of Florida south of the Volusia/Brevard County Line to Card Sound Bridge.
  • Lake Okeechobee.

According to Abc News, from 5 to 15 inches of rain and winds from 40 to 55 mps are forecasted for most of South Florida. This is the timeline expected for the weekend and the projected path, as the Weather Channel informed:

  • Friday: Heavy rains in South Florida. The main areas affected will be Miami, Sarasota, Melbourne,  West Palm Beach, Dry Tortuga,  Florida Bay,  Lake Okeechobee, and the Florida Keys.
  • Saturday: The storm will be expected in southwest Florida in the morning and should head east by night. One or two isolated tornadoes could also develop in south Florida. 
  • Sunday: With reduced strength, the storm will reach the Southeast U.S. coast, with strong winds, and can develop dangerous currents across the coast. By night, the storm will move away from the East Coast, into the open Atlantic.

Those interested in traveling to South Florida during the weekend might have to reconsider and all those already in the area should pay close attention to the news and official announcements from authorities. Now that hurricane season has started, travelers must carefully plan their trips.

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