Travel Industry Continues Pressing U.S. Government For Removal Of Pre-Departure Testing

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The U.S. travel industry – including the nation’s major airline carriers – has once again urged the American government to remove the pre-departure testing requirement for vaccinated travelers entering the country.

On May 31, representatives from the travel industry met with members of the White House to discuss the matter – in an attempt to have the pre-departure testing requirement removed for fully vaccinated international travelers wanting to enter the United States of America.

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And, not only are those in America’s travel industry arguing that the pre-departure testing requirement is a deterrent to those looking to visit the country, but they also claim it is harming the nation’s economy.

The President and CEO of Airlines for America echoed this in a statement – following yesterday’s meeting – by saying: “Quite frankly, the only impact the pre-departure testing requirement is having is a chilling effect on an already fragile economy here in the U.S.”

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Major U.S. Airlines Believe Removing The Pre-Departure Testing Requirements Will See More Tourists Enter The Country

The biggest airlines in the U.S. are calling for the Biden administration to remove the pre-departure testing requirements for international visitors – as they argue that this is likely to be acting as a deterrent to those considering visiting the U.S. for tourism purposes.

A quiet airport in New Jersey, US

And, there is no doubt that this could well be the case – especially with the number of international travelers to the States still more than 10 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

This is in contrast to its neighboring country, Mexico – which has had zero covid-related entry requirements for months, and is on the verge of seeing a return to pre-pandemic tourist numbers.

The nation is expecting as many as 40 million international visitors to enter its doors this year.

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This Is Not The First Time That The U.S. Government Has Been Urged To Remove The Pre-Departure Testing Requirement

A few weeks ago we reported that more than 260 companies had signed a letter addressed to the Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, asking for the White House to remove the covid testing measures for fully vaccinated visitors arriving into the United States.

American Airline planes at airport

The letter had been signed by the nation’s largest airline companies – including American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest – as well as major companies from the travel industry such as Hilton, Marriott and Disney.

The U.S. Is One Of The Few Nations That Still Requires Travelers To Undergo Pre-Arrival Testing

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Just over a month ago we reported that the United States of America was one of the only few nations that still requires travelers – in particular those who are vaccinated – to undergo pre-departure testing for Covid-19 before being able to enter the country.

And, the fact that the nation still requires fully vaccinated travelers to undertake a Covid-19 test prior to their departure to the U.S. is sure to come as a surprise – especially as more and more countries around the world are removing ALL of their Covid-related entry requirements.

In the last few days and weeks we have seen some of the most popular destinations for tourists – including the likes of Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Vietnam – having removed all of their entry requirements, following in the footsteps of the many countries that had previously done so.

It will therefore not come as a surprise that the U.S. travel industry continues to push for the removal of the pre-departure testing requirements – in particular for those who have received their full Covid-19 vaccination. 

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You can keep up to date with the latest travel requirements for international visitors wanting to enter the U.S. by clicking here.

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