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These Are The 15 European Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visas Right Now 

Share The Article It’s estimated that right now, approximately 35 million people around the world call themselves digital nomads. Defined by someone who works remotely from different locations, digital nomadism is one trend that has taken off since 2020. While not an entirely new concept, the work-from-home mandate that many of us were under during […]

This Is One Of The Most Underrated Countries In Latin America

Share The Article Last Updated 17 mins ago When country-hopping across Latin America, travelers normally have their hearts set on Mexico’s pristine beaches, Colombia’s vibrant city breaks, or Brazil’s extensive Atlantic coast, but this geopolitical entity, which extends from the southernmost part of North America to the South, still has numerous hidden spots yet to […]

These Are The Cheapest Countries In Southeast Asia For Travelers On A Budget

Share The Article Last Updated 12 hours ago Now that travelers are ready to take to the skies, the costs associated with international travel have increased drastically. A majority of borders have reopened, but on the downside, an overpriced Europe or the Caribbean is no longer an option for many budget-conscious travelers. Fortunately, Southeast Asia […]

6 Affordable European Countries Where Travelers Can Stay Long Term

Share The Article Last Updated 3 hours ago These European countries allow American travelers to stay long-term without applying for a visa or residency. Perfect for long-term travelers and digital nomads, these destinations are a great place to base yourself in Europe – not to mention they’re all extremely affordable! Excluded from this list are […]

All The Countries Americans Must Pay To Enter In 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 5 hours ago It’s true Americans enjoy unrestricted access to most of the world, especially now that Covid curbs are being lifted, but international travel is never entirely hassle-free. In fact, 38 countries continue to require U.S. nationals to pay in order to enter, whether it’s a Visa On Arrival […]

Top 6 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds For Travelers In 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 21 hours ago Which countries have the fastest internet speeds for travelers? These are the top six countries with the fastest internet speeds, according to Nomadlist, a website that collects data from users to determine the best destinations around the world for digital nomads. Internet is a factor that plays […]

These Are The Safest Countries In Eastern Europe For Tourists

Share The Article Last Updated 9 mins ago Eastern Europe is one of the most underrated, yet fascinating regions to explore as a tourist. Sadly, misinformation regarding safety levels, and the notion that Eastern countries are a hotbed of wars, with weak democracies, and where pickpockets run amok have certainly not helped their cause – […]

Unvaccinated Americans Can Now Visit 142 Countries Restriction-Free In 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 11 hours ago There’s no denying we’re in a different stage of the pandemic than we were just a few months ago. As Covid becomes less disruptive, an ever-expanding list of destinations is abandoning their draconian measures once and for all and reinstating normality. In total, 142 countries are welcoming […]

I Just Spent A Whole Day In One Of Europe’s Poorest Countries And I Was Shocked By What I Saw

Share The Article Last Updated 3 mins ago I just spent a whole day exploring one of Europe’s poorest countries, where there are no shimmery Eiffel Towers, Mediterranean sunsets, or wide leafy boulevards lined with designer shops – and I almost couldn’t believe I was still in the same continent. Comprising Southeastern Europe, the Balkan […]

These Are The 93 Safest Countries To Visit In 2023

Share The Article Last Updated 3 mins ago Now that COVID-19 measures and entry requirements have been removed from most countries across the world, travelers are reverting back to considering more traditional safety concerns regarding their next travel destination.  According to the U.S. State Department, there are 93 countries on “Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions”, […]

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