These Are The 15 European Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visas Right Now 


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It’s estimated that right now, approximately 35 million people around the world call themselves digital nomads.

Defined by someone who works remotely from different locations, digital nomadism is one trend that has taken off since 2020.

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While not an entirely new concept, the work-from-home mandate that many of us were under during the pandemic has led to the popularity of the work-from-anywhere lifestyle. 

Nowadays, the effects of digital nomadism on the travel industry are evident, and even airports and cruise ships are considered fair game.

Seeing an opportunity to make up for lost travel revenue, many countries saw an opportunity to embrace this trend by offering digital nomad visas (DNVs) to people who wanted to come live and work there. 

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The small eastern European country of Estonia proved to be the quickest to answer the demand and began offering its DNV back in 2020. It still remains an attractive option today, despite the numerous others who have followed suit. 

Differing from a simple tourist visa, which technically you are not allowed to work on, a DNV allows you to stay longer and work online while in the country.

When it comes to the issue of taxes, things get a bit tricker as there is no one size fits all rule for this either. The best advice here is to read and then reread all the tax information on your desired visa to ensure you comply with the rules and don’t end up in hot water. 

While each country has different requirements, rules, and application procedures, it’s well-known among the digital nomad community that some are easier, cheaper, or simply better than others. From online applications to embassy visits, the varying nature of just how to obtain a DNV can be a bit confusing. 

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With the long-awaited launch of Spain’s digital nomad visa, there are now a total of 15 countries in Europe that offer this option for those seeking to stay longer than their passport allows.

While one main deterrent for many of these DNV options is the high-income threshold, there are some that allow you to apply while making less than $2000 a month. 

Right now, there are over fifty countries around the world that offer a digital nomad visa, and the list is always changing.

So no matter where you want to go, if you are able to meet the requirements, then a digital nomad visa might be perfect for you. 

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Here Are All The European Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visas Right Now: 


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,658
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: 6 months – 1 year
  • Who Can Qualify: Anyone not an EU/EEA citizen
  • Application Fee: $73

Considered the most liked digital nomad hub for 2023, there are many reasons to call this coastal country home. The fact that it’s now part of the Schengen zone means that visitors can only stay a total of 90 days (combined in all Schengen countries). This makes the DNV a more attractive option to those who want to stay and explore longer. 


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $3,800
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, can renew
  • Who Can Qualify: Non-EU Nationals
  • Application Fee: $75
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Czech Republic 

  • Income Requirement: Must have around $5,000 in a bank account
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, possible to extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Non-EU citizens
  • Application Fee: Approx $117, plus extra for trade license

The Czech Republic’s freelancer visa can be complicated, and many use a long-term visa and pair it with a trade license.


  • Yearly Income Requirement: $37,000
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: 3 month (short term) / one year (long term)
  • Who Can Qualify: All foreigners
  • Application Fee: $85 (short term) / $105 (long term)


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $1,220
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: 6 months
  • Who Can Qualify: Any non-EU entrepreneurs who are self-employed
  • Application Fee: $430


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,000
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year
  • Who Can Qualify: Citizens from over 90 countries; check official website
  • Application Fee: free

The “Work Remotely From Georgia” program is not technically a visa, but is more or less the same thing. A reminder that Georgia is a very open country to many passport holders, and Americans and U.K. Nationals can stay one-year visa-free.

View of the Old Town of Tbilisi, Georgia


  • Monthly Income Requirement: Enough to be considered self-sufficient
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: Up to 3 years
  • Who Can Qualify: Those working in certain ‘liberal’ professions
  • Application Fee: $105

Germany has a Freelancer Visa, which mostly applies to those who are self-employed in liberal professions, such as teachers, writers, etc.


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $3,690
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year (possible to extend)
  • Who Can Qualify: Non-EU citizens
  • Application Fee: $79


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,110
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, possible to extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Third-country nationals
  • Application Fee: $116
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  • Monthly Income Requirement: $7,763
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: 6 months
  • Who Can Qualify: All remote workers
  • Application Fee: $96


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,850
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: one year (possible to renew)
  • Who Can Qualify: Third country nationals
  • Application Fee: $316
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  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,950
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, possible to extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Any non EU/EEA National
  • Application Fee: estimated around $190


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $3,900
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, possible to extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Any non EU Citizen
  • Application Fee: unknown


  • Monthly Income Requirement: $2,215
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: One year, can extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Any non EU/EEA National
  • Application Fee: $265


  • Yearly Income Requirement: $32,000
  • Length Of Stay Allowed: 2 years, possible to extend
  • Who Can Qualify: Non EU Nationals
  • Application Fee: $600
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Coming Soon?

Other countries such as Italy, Montenegro, and Serbia have announced their version of a digital nomad visa that should be available soon. While they are not currently an option, it’s likely that they will be quite popular once available.

The Netherlands and Latvia are two more countries that offer something very similar to a digital nomad visa, although not exactly the same thing. For more detailed information, check out the respective country’s websites.

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